I did it!

Woke up (slightly late) but managed to find an (almost illegal) parking near Dataran Merdeka and made my way straight to the Starting line where YAWA Founder, Puan Khadijah Abd Rahman ( I call her Umi) and the rest of the YAWA-ians were at(so kiasu, was RIGHT in front of the line; dahlah tak warm up!).

Met a few other media friends made a pact to run together. Some were doing the 10km. I did the 5km (thinking I was able to run with little one; but organizers said no in the end =( )

I left my bag with Atia (coordinator for YAWA). Should have brought at least my iPhone to take pictures along the way. I ended up running alone but enjoyed the serenity of letting my thoughts run wild as the cool morning breeze embraced my (unfit) being.

Slightly disturbed that some irresponsible runners were just chucking their paper cups on the road at the water stations. It could pose a potential safety hazard (not to mention an eye sore). Apart from that and me slapping my forehead wishing I had my cam with me, the run was indeed, a FUN run. I am so glad I went.

Here's my cert for bragging rights to those who slept the Sunday away.


Will post more pictures once YAWA passes them to me. Yahoo!

We raised a total of RM 56, 775.00 - so THANK YOU for contributing. With the funds/pledges collected, YAWA will be able to conduct a number of activities, programmes and projects that YAWA has planned for 2010.

Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam or Children's Environmental Heritage Foundation is committed To Changing Young Lives.

Tomorrow I will be flying off to interview the VP for HP Imaging and Printing. Web-empowered Print solutions anyone? I love the fact that it will lessen carbon footprints. Will videoblog that.

Go green peeps. It's the new black!

Speak soon