A virgin’s skin


Isobel bounces on my bed waking me up with her gaiety and sweet laughter. It’s my first day off The Breakfast Show (after a long, long time) and I had planned to sleep in this morning, but Bel had other plans for me. She shoves her toy mirror and my blackberry to my face.

“Mama. Play Bel”

The time reads 7.30am on my phone. I look into her mirror and stare at the reflection. * Cringe *

“Mama’s getting old Bel”

I kiss her and caress her nose. She has such smooth, bouncy skin. And beautiful eyelashes.

I want her skin.

I pick her toy mirror again and peer at my eyes. Early morning skin still looks the best after a goodnight’s rest, something I lack - ie: the recommended 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
It didn’t use to be this way before. Back in my early (ehem) 20s, I would have less than 3 hours sleep, and my skin still looked pretty ok. Now? Yaiks.

Just yesterday, my makeup artist put dollops of moisturizer on my face prior to putting on my base and foundation.

“You skin so dee-hi-lated. (dyhydrated). Lu kena jaga baik sikit amoi”

Yes. Admittedly I have been traveling quite a bit these days and because they are normally short trips, I don’t carry my everyday serums, night creams etc. I usually use the sample products I keep so I can travel really light. (Do you know that it’s normally my toiletries and shoes that take the bulk of my luggage?)

To cut the long story short, I have been neglecting my skin’s needs and it shows. Dull and ‘dee-hi-lated’. I quickly swing Bel around and head for the bathroom. Hydration masks always work wonders some say. I search for it and in the process found a bagful of products sent to me to try the other day.

Oh hellooo… what’s this?

Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream SPF15+UVA, Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream Light and Eucerin AQUAporin Moisturising Eye Cream.

I read the mumbo-jumbo of the inlay:

“…Good moisturisation is essential for the skin to stay healthy and look beautiful. However, whatever its type and despite the efficiency of its natural regulation mechanisms, the skin can be dehydrated at times.

This quickly affects its smoothness, suppleness and appearance. The acknowledgement that moisture distribution plays a major part in efficient skin hydration has changed the way many scientists look at moisture transport. In this respect the discovery of aquaporins has raised high interest within the scientific world”

Aquaporins? Sounds like a couple of she/he cabaret dancers prancing around in Hot springs.

I read on.

“…aquaporins make up a natural moisture network that fosters the optimal distribution of water in the skin”

Oh…NOW I see.

So basically, skin is said to be more hydrated and can penetrate intense moist even in deeper epidermal skin layers thanks to these Aquaporins, right?

Aqua (water) goes in pores of skin? (porins) = Aquaporins

This is my take:

The Eyecream


With SPF15 +UVA

Texture: Light, easily absorbed, non sticky. The one with SPF15+UVA was slightly creamier, but still non sticky nor greasy looking.

Smells fresh and ‘clean’. (you know…hygienically clean smell? But not disinfected clean smell?)

After spreading the lotion (with and without SPF) around my face, I notice that it has a matte look but doesn’t feel tight. Apparently a good makeup base as well.

The Eye Cream had a wee wet look after application though.
Skin does look supple. Maybe I’ll test it for a few days.

3 DAYS later

Recommended use:

AQUAporin ACTIVE Light – for normal to combination skin (night usage)

AQUAporin ACTIVE SPF15 + UVA – for normal skin types (day usage)

AQUAporin AVTIVE Eye – developed especially for the delicate eye area (day & night)

I noticed that my skin is more healthily radiant and ‘bouncy’. It’s softer and a lot more supple too. I love the fact that it works as a base also. And because of its non-shiny after-all look, I can just brush a bit of loose powder onto my face, mascara and a dollop of lip-gloss for a quick perk me up if I’m to go out for a casual do.

2 WEEKS later:

*aiming the Lara Croft no makeup look...can ah?*

I noticed with regular use, skin was more hydrate and softer. Makeup was also easier to apply on my skin – not dry and flaky like before. It did help that I had a bit of rest in between, but there was a definite skin improvement.

Why like dat ah?

I explained earlier what was AQUAporin right?

Apparently, what Eucerin has discovered is the aquaporin stimulator: gluco-gluycerol or glyceryl-glucoside that is similarly used by the blue-green algae so they can survive in extremely dry or salty environmental conditions.

Blue-Green Algae


The Eucerin AQUAporin range is pretty impressive and it’s decently affordable too.

40ml RM62.90

40ml RM69.00

15ml RM62.90
(Pretty competitively priced for a range on this ‘level’ but it claims to reduce tiredness, great for sensitive skin, safe for contact eye users and plumps enough moisture around the delicate eye skin area!)

All three products are non-comedoge.

The fact that it comes in smaller (lighter) tubes also makes it easier for me carry around. Plus, I don’t have to take along my makeup base because it acts like one too!

Another great thing is, after taking a shower after hitting the gym, I noticed my skin is not as parch dry or tight like before. Eucerin’s claims based on Beiersdorf’s clinical studies in Germany about the skin’s hydration level still being maintained even after 3 days of halting regular use could be true then!

I may not regain my virginal baby skin or have Isobel’s skin, and I’ve accepted the fact that my whole body is going through its own natural aging process – but this won’t deter me from slowing it down! *grin *

Ideally, it still boils down to lifestyle. But a good product can do wonders. So let’s go green, choose your products wisely and healthy lifestyle people!

ps: Bel starting young.


  1. First of all, your daughter is adorable! I'm currently using the product of Trilogy from which I bought it (accidentally) from skin lab. It's as effective as Eucerin. However, it also smells GREAT. You should try it on your pretty face someday~ It's definitely worthy! X)

  2. thanks for the beauty tips daphne!! your daughter is definitely cute..!!! i love her!

  3. thanks a lot for the review daphne :D . i've been wanting to try eucerin but was quite doubtful of its effectiveness. i'm well on my way to the nearest pharmacy to get my hands on them. and... they won't break my wallet too, YEAY!!

  4. Been wanting to see the lil one...finally pics of her. Lovely girl. Btw, are u still using your La Mer? do u use the cream or gel base?

  5. thanks daph... been trying to find a product for my eye bag but the SKII one is too expensive for such a small qty... will definitely try the Eucerin Aquaporin Active - Moisturizing Eye Cream!!! Thanks again and Bel looks so grown up n cute...

  6. i want! does it work on pregnancy acne feasted skin?

  7. Dear Daphne..

    Love your Lara Croft no make-up look..
    toing! toing! :)

  8. Your daughter is sooo adorable!! Thanks for the tips too!! :D

  9. Dear LifeJuicer,

    It should work on what you describe as "pregnancy acne feasted skin" -- but you can always refer to their website www.eucerin.com.my ya?

    To the rest, Isobel has much nicer skin, but I think if I continue a good lifestyle (quit smoking...yay!) and adequate rest and proper diet intake...plus of course, the right skin products (wash off the makeup before you hit the sack peeps!), i'll look better.

    he he he he!


  10. i never been loyal to any skin care product but i have "relationship" with eucerin for almost two years. :)


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