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"My children"

Sepang F1
Goooo Lotus (and ehem...McLaren)

A drive through Pantai Hillpark area during the rain
A football launch sponsored by an alcoholic beverage.

I am deeply disturbed with the recent news of my friend's (ex?) hubby who claims he was in rational state of mind when divorcing her. (She claims she did not hear his proclaimation). Only God knows what truly happens. And that's just it. Only GOD knows what truly takes place in everything. For HE is the Lord and our Creator. And noone can be more wiser than HIM.

But many a times, we humans take sides and are often quick to judge, belittle, pinpoint and ridicule another who does not conform to the "belief system" of that person. What may be wrong to another, is right to someone else. With the diversity of culture, education, upbringing, religious beliefs and legalities of different states, it is not hard to understand why there are just so many views and thoughts out there. And with the diversity of views and lack of tact and understanding, comes unkind words, actions and fitnah.

I had a very interesting chat with my mother about faith and love, religion and trust. Some decisions have been made and with God's grace, let's hope for the best.

Whatever it is, no matter who says what, thinks what, says what - this is a decision I have made for my girl's sake. L O V E comes in many different ways- with different levels of intensity.

I know some might think I'm a bore now. Others might think I have gone quite insane. I know one or two who think I'm stuck in the middle. I can't change the perturb thinking of others, for I need to understand myself and be strong first. And I know those who matter are supporting me in this decision, I have faith God will lead the way.

But just a little reminder readers. What you see, read, hear is not all accurate. We are gifted with minds that can speculate, spin and ponder. Use your minds wisely. And put yourself in the other persons shoes first .

I won't be petulant in my decision making but nor will I be browbeat.

Gotta go. My partner needs me now. And her gay laughter is just making me feel all young again.

The pictures posted in this blogpost may have different meanings to some. What does it mean to you?


Daphne Iking


  1. Yup, u are really true daphne...:)

  2. Dear Daphne..

    You're really interesting .. :)

  3. Dear Daphne,

    I come across this link from an ex-schoolmate of mine in SMSM Penampang. Apparently this kid needs donation and I was thinking that since you're in a position that could make known of this case to the public, perhaps you could lend a helping hand.

    I googled the mother's name: Felida Danil and apparently they had to auction off their home as found in this link. I am wondering if the auction has anything to do with financing the kid's hospital bills, etc.

    God bless.

  4. just relax and go with the flow....everything will be all right...

  5. Good to know you're still hanging on in spite of the heavy storm that hits u and lil Bel. Keep up the fighting spirit and Trust in the Lord. Things may not go the way you hope for...but have Faith that God has plans for u.

    p/s: Update here more often la.

  6. Keep holding on sis. I do believe that He will help us anytime as long we have and keep having faith in Him. Just remember, GOD gives the best in everything and He never fails to do so. Amen on that.


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