Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Private affairs

Like most weddings, it was beautiful...magical...emotional.

I was back in Bali again donning white and feeling slightly nervous. I remember about 3 years ago, I was here holding my father's hand, ready to say "I do" to him. But now, the memories will just be sweet memories of the love we once shared and forever I will keep this as a happy moment in my box of sweet things.

My very good friend got married recently to a man who completes her. I was among those very few who was invited to be part of the celebrations. As predicted, she looked stunning in her designer dress and as she walked down the aisle, I could not help but dig into my box of memories and heave a sigh of slight sadness. I wore a similiar dress and had the same radiant smile of a bride-to-be.
But that was a thing of the past now. And we both have moved on.
Kind of.

I brushed the tears away and tried to concentrate on my job as " self-made impromtu emcee for the day". I choked as I announced the arrival of the bride and I looked over her dashing, shy groom for some support. He nods and I could see his eyes glistening.

I have never seen that smile on him before. I have never seen her as bashful or as cheekily smitten.
I lost all composure and ruined my makeup.

They said their vows and merrymaking followed right after.

I would love to talk more about the wedding... but allow them to tell you by themselves. All I can say is, I made sure everyone had a rocking good time and that Ben Toong didn't scare Balinese folks away from Malaysia =).

Dennis Lau kept the night magical with his talented fingers, serenading us to romantic bliss and getting father of the groom to showcase his hidden vocal talent.

I was in the mood for love that night and love was shared indeed with those who mattered. Small intimate affair but loud and crazy with passionate love.
I love you Ben for your amazing capabilities with the microphone.

Congratulations Amber, I am so very happy for you. Your man really completes you and together, I know you will have an even brighter future together. Impossible is Nothing. You have outshone yourself over & over again, just like what I said during my speech to you that day.

I love you both and can't wait for you to make friends for little Isobel.

Now shoo. Enjoy your honeymoon.


  1. Daph,this is just beautiful.
    congrats Amber.

  2. Wow! Congrats.. Amber!

    Both of you looks stunning! :)

  3. I love this post.
    Weddings are always beautiful. And I can't wait for mine! ;)

    Thanks for sharing this Daphne. It made me smile.


  4. Oh, thanks for sharing Daphne. This is indeed beautiful and congrats to the newlyweds. May their marriage be blessed with endless love, joy and happiness...

  5. what a lovely blog you have here...
    congrat's to Amber

  6. congrats Amber~ awww U Both look so wow!!!
    loves your blog Daphne! keep up the good work kio~ ahaks~

  7. Hello there! A new reader here. I really think this blog is very inspiring and positive. :) Love this blog! :) Congrats to Amber too! hehe.

    Anyways, take care and hope to hear from you thru this blog soon! Cheers! :)

  8. such a beautiful post. made me tear

  9. Nice blog Daph.. wonderful stories and wonderful people are here.. Cherish the love we have now and live life to God.. take care and will keep in touch..cheers! >_<

  10. Well, Daphne... my marriage broke up (recently) after 3 years too... sad event, but have to keep on going no matter what.

    - Cheers -