Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I continue to prod on...

Last year, the CELEPETS was formed. We have yet to have ALL of us together in one gathering, but the Celepets are Dynas, Hani, Atillia, Sazzy, Aishah, SereneC and yours truly. I hear a particular (musically inclined) TV CEO wants to be part of the group. But we have rejected him kindly. Ha ha ha!

We were introduced early last year and have since been inseparable. My new found RC kaki.

My pirate bestie who has stuck by me all these years.
He is going to be a daddy soon.

Little Aaron. My first love's name was Aaron. Aaron has his mother's kindness and his father's manners. Such a loving child. I will pray for him.
*I want to matchmake him with Isobel.

More of the Celepets. SereneC ... where are you?

Eclipse by Daphne Iking. My first attempt in designing with Sonny San. The collection sold out before it made it's debut in the Mifa fashion extravaganza. How humbling.

Ha ha ha! Yes...more of the celepets. Who over-ordered the pizza again?
I poured my heart out to these girls. And they have continued to back me up, time and time again.

Mastura. Picture taken when we were both working in TV3.
Our friendship has surpassed many obstacles. I am glad we made it through the last one.
And here's to many more...
Happy birthday REM...

My experience with the dolphins early this year was mystifying. I had more clarity on what was clearly not good for me, and what was making me a better person. Thank you Rio and Shanun.
Isobel Daniella. Look at her. Need I say more?
(in her nyonya kebaya)

This is Cynthia's RC. I have not taken a picture of my SPARTICUS which we assembled just a few days ago. Can't wait to get it on track. My fiat baby..
My first profile picture after the whole ordeal. To a funkier, edgier me.
Again, Cyn and I at the tracks. What would I have done without you darling? banana leaf!
Isobel has her grandfather's mouth. Determined little girl she is.
The IKINGS. Dad refused to wear white. Since he IS the ketua of the family, we let him be. I like daddy's smile here. It was good to have them all down for Christmas. Families will never let you down. Whether you are wrong or right.

Saskia is sassy and beautiful inside out. Such maturity for a young lady.

Aunty Kakak
She is the reason why I can do it. Cause she says I can. Just by her mere smile.


  1. I enjoyed reading your latest entry. I like reading about the ones who love and support you through thick and thin.

    p/s: I am lucky enough to have briefly met Isobel in person! and of course her aunty!

  2. "Families will never let you down. Whether you are wrong or right."

    that's a nice phrase :)

  3. Isobel is so sweet! Really nice family pic, casual and yet meaningful ;-)

  4. Hi Daphne, I contacted u earlier last year for an interview for my Journalism assignment. You might not remember me =D but I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog entries =D I'm sure you'll ride any obstacle wave with strength and courage. God bless.

  5. Hi Daphne, I truly admire your beauty, intelligence and strength. May God Bless you always - Nell

  6. Dear Daphne...

    You are truly inspiring! Love this post! :)