Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daphne designs for Eclipse

Serena-pet was the emcee for Eclipse

This is taken during the recent M-IFW '09. Yes. I have embarked into fashion...yes ME!
Eclipse by Daphne Iking collection is available in all Eclipse stores and I opened the fashion show for this year's M-IFW for Sonny San... and boy did I have fun!
(Okay..fine. I was nervous like hell backstage..but thank God for good friends and my (darling) blackberry )

After the show, I was told by Sonny that my collection had sold out.

Seeing my designs paraded by the beautiful models and THEN getting news that my collection had sold out just brought tears to my eyes.

After all the shit I have been going through over the past few months, and then getting ill with dengue - this had to be the BEST news I had heard in a long, long time.

The only bummer was, I didn't have anyone to share the good news with. All I wanted was a hug and perhaps a glass of Cristal.

So, after dinner with Sonny and the team - I drove alone to get myself a glass of red wine. Downed it with some bread and butter pudding and enjoyed the serenity of the night.

I am okay drinking and eating alone. But just for that night, I wished I had that special person to hold me still. To let me gloat and grin.


I didn't give a hoot. I drank the whole bottle before giving in to friends who wanted to congratulate me personally.

So yes. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity and the blessings.

And I will continue to be grateful.

Thank you Lord.

Xandria and I closing the show. Xandria also designed.

A first for both and many more to come?
What do you think?


  1. WOW welcome back to blogosphere. Although I am no expert in female fashion, this line looks gorgeous. Elegantly girlie w/class. Congrats and bestest of wishes to your line!

  2. it's gorgeous.... congrats dear

  3. Dear Daphne..

    Congrats! & the clothes are really beautiful! :)

  4. Oh, I would love to get my hands on ur collection. Is there any way we can get them in Sabah? :D

  5. i love ur collection!

    perhaps u could make it into online shopping? heeeeee

  6. I never knew you had it in you! I'm very proud of you..

  7. I am SO HAPPY for you!!!
    Trust that more good tidings
    are coming your way.
    Tough times are meant to toughen us out.
    Be blessed,

  8. Hi Daphne, I have seen your collection! They are awesome!

    U sure got real hidden talent there! Keep them pouring out!


  9. Congratulations Daphne!! It's beautiful.
    Ur finally back here!
    U will always have ur fans here supporting u. *hugs*

  10. Congrats Daphne! I am so proud of u and yes, after all those shit, this is definitely worth celebrating for... Love to get my hands on your collection, unfortunately they are sold out. Do let us know when will the restocks come in ya? You go, girl!!! Every cloud has a silver lining... This is definitely suitable as one of my blog posts, hope you dont mind if I post those gorgeous designs in my blog...

  11. Dear Daphne,

    Been a big fan of urs in the Breakfast Show. The long white dress looks elegant. :)

    Wish all good things to happen in ur life.

    Happen to notice u mentioning about the Law of Attraction in one of the shows so was thinking to extend an invite here to a seminar we're doing in KL :)

  12. wowwww! Daphnie!! You look gorgeous girl.. as ALWAYS! stunning! be patience & keep cool in what ever "shit" around u!! Ur Mr. Right will coming soon who's sincere & Love U & Isobel!! U had a very GD package girl!! & this time go for matsalleh....OK! Amen!!!By HIS BLESS & your patience, u deserve the Happinest!!!

  13. I think you have came out of this trauma a stronger and better person. And to be able to bounce back takes a lot perseverance, I respect you more than ever. Do you know you are now more successful than you have ever been?

  14. Whoah Daphne, how awesome is that! Your designs are ethereal (I especially love the first one...would love to pull off a whimsical dress like that!).

    Thanks for putting us Sabahans on the platform! :) All the best!