What doesn't kill you...

So I am not dead yet. Which means I am still alive right?

It has been a confusing few weeks. And trying. And down right  stressful. But as they say, what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger right?

But do I feel strong? I have to admit. No. I don't. 

What I DO know is, God won't give me more than I can handle. HE has his reasons for this, so will accept the road HE has chosen for Isobel and I, and I will continue this journey with my head up high. Life must go on and I have a child to look after. And THAT is what matters now.

I pray for strength and courage and wisdom and patience during these times. Thank God for Bel to keep me sane amidst the adversities. 


  1. Dear Daphne..

    Please stay strong.. you have all our support!

  2. Dear Daphne,

    U will be able to make it through no matter what. Dont worry. Everyday is a blessing. :)

    U will always have my support and i'll keep u in my prayers. :)

  3. I believe that you can do it...

  4. Pon, be strong. You have our support, girl!

  5. Daphne,
    Life is full of ups and downs, unexpected turns and just when you think you have climbed to the top of that mountain of happiness, you slip 3 steps back. You may feel drowned in pain and sorrow now, but time is what will eventually heal those scars. Hang in there and be patient with yourself, your situation and everything will work itself out. Everything happens for a reason and usually for the better.


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