Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This cheered me up today

When You Feel

by Caramel Bliss

When you feel you're alone in a bad world.
When all you once had is gone. 
Remember that life has taught us. 
That the darkest night precedes the dawn. 

When you feel you are out of hope. 
Remember that God is there. 
Keep your faith strong. 
Soon, he will answer your prayers. 

When you feel you have no friend left. 
And only enemies are near.
Worry not, my love.
For I'll always be here for you, dear.

Fear not, you are safe in my arms. 
You will always find a home in my heart. 
And i shall forever be your loyal one. 
'Till death do us part.

*My heart is ever at your service. ~William Shakespeare 


  1. Take heart. *hugs* i think you need one right now. One day, things will be fine again.

  2. Cheer up daphne! must be really tough to live with so much lies that you've created eh!

  3. Eva TP: Thank you for the much needed hug...I have faith things will be okay someday.

    Weng: God bless you

  4. Thanks daphne. We shall see what will happen ;)

  5. *HUG* Must be tough to deal with personal problems when they are publicised by tabloids. Stay strong, as they say, "It is always darkest before dawn". Good luck from a well wisher, far far away.

  6. weng, it seem you got a problem there.

  7. Dear Daphne..

    Stay strong ... it's only the beginning of a better times ahead! *hugs*

  8. Stay strong Daphne! Don't be afraid or dismayed..for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go..

  9. Hi Daphne new to the blog, I guess you too were feeling the blues. Love this!
    Cheers to you

  10. hugs to u..i hope evrythng will turn out find...b strong there,never give up in hope..lots of loves^^