Monday, September 14, 2009


Aren't these stackable rings beautiful? 

Today, a good friend of mine and I decided to have a girly day out together since we were both amazingly free! Meant to be a day of "feeling good inside out", we started out with a facial followed by light lunch. Skipped gym because we yakked too much over lunch (topic: in laws, men and the Indonesia vs Malaysia spat) and ended up at a mall in the city ordering stackable rings for Raya. This was followed by an impromtu singing session and a hearty 'buka puasa' meal with the boyboy and finally, a quiet ride home after.

Stackable rings. It is so pretty when you find the right combo. I used to stack up my wedding ring and engagement ring. Or my Uni rings I bought when I had my first paycheck. Now, the left hand carries my sentimental Bvglari ring that has so many scratches on it, but I wear it with love. 

So today, I marked a new era to my new slate of living by getting stackables. After much deliberation, I found the right combo and paid the deposit for it to be resized. ( Because of my large knuckles, I need to resize one a  size smaller , and the other 2 rings are bigger?)

I made sure that the rings, if used separately would still look pretty and handy.
But put them together -- outstandingly DaPhNe.

Last Friday at prayer meet, the speaker told us that we should always count our small blessings and to continue being grateful. Never be proud or conceit with the rezeki we receive. 

I have started to comply by these simple rules.

Stackable rings. They might be tiny if worn alone, but put it together, what an amazing affect it creates.

And just like our small blessings in life, if we put it all together...when we see the bigger picture, it is actually quite a spectacular sight for many to see, ponder and appreciate.

I wish to Thank our Maker for the roof that shelters my daughter, sister and I. The food we eat. The friends and family love we are embraced and protected by.

Praise you.



  1. Dear Daphne..

    I count my blessings everyday coz each day itself is a blessing!! Now I even count the smiles that each & everyone I met for each smiles meant that I've brought joy to the person I met! :)