Friday, September 11, 2009

Ridiculous laughing

Someone  very close to me said I had lost my sense of humor. I was hurt naturally. Especially since it came from a friend who is very dear to me. He has said some rather painful remarks of late, so I finally got the courage to point it out and to come clean with how I felt.

His reply , " I can't joke with you anymore. You have no more sense of humor"

 I asked him to put himself in my shoes. He said he did.
I told him I guess we are built differently.

That's the test of friendship I guess. Understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses. And embracing the flaws of one another. 

Ever since the recent hoorah surrounding my private life, I have been extra careful with my words, actions and thoughts.  I live by, "do unto others, what you want to be done upon you".

When asked for a comment, I had none to offer. Only because, as I always say, there is always two sides of the coin. In this case, there are three. 
I will let God lay the path of the journey I am to walk on. Faith is all I have left.

So going back to what that friend of mine said, I don't think I have lost my sense of humor. I think I am more sensitive to remarks  made, only because of my recent predicament. 
Rediscovering myself through the ways of our Maker has made me evidently a lot more quieter. Sombre. Intuitive.
I guess I am no longer the fun Daphne everyone remembers.
So yea...I guess I am a bore.

Just like how I have found my true friends during these times of uncertainty, I know I might have to let go of those who can't understand the new me. Or else we will just continue to hurt each other. And I don't want that. Not anymore.

I still laugh. I just laugh at positive jokes. Of beautiful memories. Like the sight of Bel trying to carry the brand new Fabric softner around the house. She is so adorable.

I can't laugh to lewd jokes. Or gossipy news. I don't want to laugh at other people's misfortunes. I don't find happiness talking bad about others. I don't find joy in painful remarks. 

Life is too short. I have made my share of mistakes in the past. But it is never too late to be a better person.


  1. Dear Daphne,i just want u to know that i Love to read ur blog so much!u r very good in writing,thanks for sharing!hugs!^_^

  2. Hi sis matter what is happening now, you are still my inspiration ~ being a strong woman~ . I look up to you.

  3. cheer happy...
    smile .. o ( n _ n ) o
    GOD BLESS U..^^

  4. It's called 'growing up' rather than becoming a bore. I feel you, Pon... you're just in a different stage/path of life, that most of your single and care-free friends have not set foot on YET (or never will)... be yourself and you will find other companions who are on par with you.

  5. You look fabulous in Style magazine September issue photo shoot. :)

  6. Dear Daphne...

    Everyone have to go through some crossroads in life.. all these challenges will only makes us stronger & wiser!

    Have faith in yourself! Be strong!

  7. I do agree with Tracie in this matter. Perhaps we're just not at the same pace anymore with those who don't find us as fun as before. Life goes on... Stay strong Daphne. God bless.

  8. Isaiah 40:31 (New Living Translation)

    31 But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
    They will soar high on wings like eagles.
    They will run and not grow weary.
    They will walk and not faint.

    U'll find ur break thru...
    Will u all the best...

  9. Daphne,stay strong...
    May God always with u...

  10. I know wat u mean...
    Hang in there...

    & Be Blessed

  11. You make mistakes
    it's never too late be a better person
    haha yah right daphne iking!

    how to be a better person when you're STILL telling and living with so much lies?huh?

  12. i saw some 'lalats' here. shooohh! shoohh! anyway,daphne. stay strong ya. God will always b with you

  13. Dear all my readers, Thank you for your comments, kind or constructive -- there will be those who will continue to judge and comment, and speculate - but I'm guessing everyone has their own opinion in life on what's wrong and right.

    Weng, God bless you..whoever you are. I am sure you have gone through some difficult times yourself, or someone very dear to you has.
    I will pray for you to heal and since we are in the Raya spirit, I apologize if I have offended your personally.

    To everyone else; may love, laughter and light be with you in showers of blessings from our Maker....