Sunday, September 27, 2009

beautiful chakras

I'd like to dedicate this post to two special people: Jojo and Ida Mariana. THANK YOU.

There must be a reason why they reappeared into my life. Jojo and I have an exquisite relationship. I often joke with her about her voice irony. High-pitched yet soothing. "It must be the zen in you" I'd tell her. I was right. Her aura is beautiful. And everything she does for a friend is pure zen.

Another beautiful soul is Ida. We met recently, thanks to Miss Universe Malaysia. She must have been a Shamman in her previous life, but just her sheer presence heals. We finished rehearsals earlier than normal today (yay!) - so we sneaked into her friend's performance at the theatre downstairs and it was there where I enjoyed the simplicity of pure love. Charitable hearts and the innocence of children, kindness and pure thoughts.

Healing can only take place if you learn to forgive yourself first. New age practioners and even the bible tells us this.

I did an exercise to reconnect with myself. My life. To understand. It was a painful discovery, but when I understood the pattern, it made letting go easier. The next step was to forgive myself first -or else "forgiving others can never take place."

It took me 3 attempts before PH was convinced.

I was told that you can't own a person, and neither can he or she. Once you understand this; it makes letting go so much easier.

Joyfully surrending myself for instant happiness!


Let's play lanterns now!

i love you darling(s)

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