Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Basking in her innocence

Up and down the world goes round,
With spatters of smiles and the occasional breeze.
Innocence of her gaze, her touch, her breath,
Is the one sure thing that will never cease.

My only fear and anxiety right now,
is when her curiosity gets the better of her.
How am I to explain what needs to be said?
When all I want to do is to protect and smother.

Catch-22 when time is limited and short,
and when the heart is beating weak.
How long can her innocence keep me going?
When even after prayers, things seem bleak.

My child, my mentor, you're my shining star,
I have nothing to give but my loyalty and to keep mum.
It's still a long way till the fools understand,
but till that happens I'll protect you from them.


  1. So cute isobel..If u got time, email me k.

    your old friends...

  2. hi daphnie! ska baca ur blog! isobel such a cuty tiddler & it's a bless to be with a educated, pretty, dainty mum as u! u know tak,.. lastnite i dream that u had married with a stunning mat salleh! amen!! all the best!!

  3. My must visit blog, your blog ;)

  4. She's so adora-Bel...

    And that outfit is so cool....:)

    Hang in there...God will 'show' you the right time for the right things to come...