Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Urbanites need to escape too!

I was recently at the Urbanscapes 2009 held recently at KLPac and although I came much later than planned, it was worth the trouble of parking (thanks Kish!)

That weekend, I was off from work and had no major plans, and I was in dire need to escape from the madness of things. So, after seeing to the beautiful Lotus 2-Eleven (and the boys) in Shah Alam; I packed Isobel's bag and headed to Urbanscapes with Kakak and her friend Mr K.

I was highly impressed with the MarketPlace - a bazaar like flea market that showcased some really beautiful and intricate items made by our local youths. They are so darn talented! I was staring at one booth (with a cow) and could not help but feel slightly envious that these people were so artistic. My last attempt to being creative involved glittered pens, a dinosaur and a picture of Isobel.

I don't think Isobel would have appreciated what I had done to her favourite soft toy.
Mr Dinosaur is now hidden far far away. Never to be seen by her or anyone else ever again.

I got her a new dog soft toy. It's called "dog".

So yes, Urbanscapes was a nice form of escapism that weekend. With Dj's spinning, theatre and films galore as well as catching up with some old friends; I was grateful for the quality time I had with Isobel and Kakak.

Yes. Urbanites need to escape.
Or in this case, kampung girl who lives in the subURBAN needs to escape from the madness of childish politics, inflamed egos and stress from work.

Little one seemed to enjoy herself that day too. I remember being approached by at least 6 people who came to ask permission to take a picture.

I patted my hair down, took out my blotting tissues to remove shine from my face and gave a stellar smile.

" err...not of you Daphne...but of Isobel"

*Shy only*

One lady said to me

"oklah..with you also can - lah"

After the 5th person approached me, I had mastered the reality that Isobel was clearly the favourite here.

"Come on Bel, give a nice pose to aunty XXX"

A girlfriend who was with her brother suggested I start charging for pictures.
Isobel had her own idea. She got balloons, candy, a SIGNED BOOK (gasp) and a nice trinklet (which I kept for myself ! Hey! I'm her new manager, and that was my 10%)

I relayed this story to my parents the next day. They were amused but also slightly horrified.

"Pon..becareful ah..."

I knew deep inside they were right.

The Iking girls are determined and hard working kampung girls living in the subUrban of Selangor.

Here's a smile for my parents who made us the strong ladies we are today.
Empowered. Blessed.


  1. becareful is correct....palis palis....

  2. hey daphne! i didnt see u there that day? you went at night?

  3. wah, your girl very sporty.