Kak Min...May Your Soul Rest In Peace

Yasmin Ahmad in her multiple roles as executive creative director, film director and official ambassador of Earth Hour 2009.

Having fun and united in their support for Earth Hour 2009 (from left) Sazzy Falak, Sharifah Amani, Daphne Iking and Aishah Sinclair.

An image taken from the internet.
That's Nani who loved Min like her very own mother.
I love this picture.
You will be deeply missed Kak Min.

I was one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to work with Yasmin. Although I was not in any of her beautiful movies, a short time filming with her and the crew for the Earth Hour 2009 TVC was testimony to all the good stuff I have heard about her prior to interviewing her on my show, to greeting her inside the lift when we were neighbours and understanding her as an individual amidst the whispers in the pantry.

Yes. Even though I had just a few short encounters of being in her loving, fun presence, I had felt so tragically saddened when I received news that she had left us. Such a young and beautiful soul leaving us. I felt a little bit angry that she was taken so early - and felt a bit remorseful after acknowledging this hurt towards God; but that's just how life is.

"Lumrah hidup"

I am going to go with the flow of life now. Living life as if it is my last. Why we live in so much hurt, anger and greed disappoints me. I am going to continue to be positive and optimistic and loving and kind even though those around me are cynical and bitter and mean.

Isobel and I are going to be Ok. With or without you.

I have family. I have God beside me.I have EM. I have the Pink Celepets. I have a small intimate group of friends who have stuck with me thru thick and thin (I love you mostest)
I am truly blessed. Amen.


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