Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The wonder of wonderful folks

Thank you Kay from Centro and Marcus from divaproductions! They were on hand to do my makeup and hair for the Miss Malaysia Universe 2009.

And this gorgeous sparkly dress? Sonny San of course? I wanted to shine out (pun intended) from the rest, so I decided to go all "sitinurhaliza-ish".

The event was...challenging?

Let's just say, if I was the chef for the night (MMU) - and the ingredients I had were Sour Yogurt (SY) and Kering Hanyir Cabbage (KHC), it would be EXTREMELY hard to whip up with a decent meal in a jiffy, ESPECIALLY if the kitchen was in a mess and disorganized right?

Thank goodness for Fruitcake (love you WQ) and a good manager (and you too AD!)

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