Sunday, June 7, 2009

Staged for the first time in Malaysia from June 18-28 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, we hope to help the women in Malaysia achieve some freedom from their negative body image by providing an inside look at the outside exploring the cultures of food, beauty & desire through the eyes of women around the world.

Through Ensler’s honest, insightful, and sometimes naughty portrayal of genuine experiences and real-life obsessions, we are introduced to women who have found a hard-won peace with their bodies: an African mother who celebrates each individual body as signs of nature's diversity; an Indian woman who transcends "treadmill mania" and delights in her plump cheeks and curves; and a veiled Afghani woman who is willing to risk imprisonment for a taste of ice cream. These are just a few of the inspiring stories woven through Ensler's global journey from obsession to enlightenment. Ultimately, these monologues become a personal wake-up call to love the "good bodies" we inhabit.

Ensler freely admits that body-image issues affect men as well as women. “As I've traveled across America I've been really struck (by) the degree to which men are obsessed with their bodies and self-hating, too. It's really moved me very deeply and opened my mind to ways of considering and thinking about men."

We are passionate about the message we want to get across to women & men alike through the play in our cause for the greater good of women in Malaysia.

Proceeds from the Charity Premiere on June 18th, goes to Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) in line with ours & the playwright’s platform to raise awareness to stop violence against women. Your support is very much appreciated.

Starring: Ida Nerina, Joanna Bessey, Joanne Kam, Samantha Schubert, Bella Rahim, Anrie TooDirected by: Susan Lankester Producers: Meggie Teoh, Angie Teoh


Date: 18-21 June, 23-28 June’09 (18 June – Charity Premiere for WAO)

Showtime : 8.30pm (except 28 June: matinee at 3pm & finale show at 8.30pm)

Total running time: 90 minutes

Venue : Sime Darby Convention Centre (Auditorium), Mt. Kiara

Ticket price* : RM65 and RM85

(18 June Charity Premier RM103, 28 June Matinee RM55)

Hurry, get your tickets today!

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