Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Cancerians!

Today I feel horrible. Not only has the King of Pop left us, but I am highly disappointed with myself for failing to give a better birthday gimmick for a dear, dear friend of mine.
Due to unforseen circumstances, her husband was unable to throw her an elaborate birthday/anniversary due to his health. He turned to me for some 'volunteered' help (read: my kepoh-ness). But this week has been rather wonky to say the least. Work has been slow, Isobel has been having nightmares and there have been some things that have been preoccupying my mind.

And today Michael Jackson is dead.

She shares the same birth date as the death date of the legendary King of Pop.

Someone wrote on FB: "Pity the celebrity who dies a night before a super-celebrity....her death tribute would be short, swift...almost unimportant"

So yeah. It's been a wonky week, like someone's wonky knee.
From engine parts not being delivered, unethical reports, silly disputes and now, MJ's demise.
Sorry babe. I wanted it to be a better party.

But I know who enjoyed themselves tonight!

I think this is An's first crush!

My only child seems to adore the attention given.

Speaking of child, my earlier post seemed to have triggered some reaction and has made at least one person quite upset. Sorry mate.

"No. I am not screwing up your mind. I'm not you."

Readers, I am NOT pregnant. That is an ultrasound scan picture sent to me from a darling twat of a friend of mine who was ranting and raving about her third pregnancy. She asked me if I could tell whether her baby was a boy or a girl.

" You're the mother of 2! You should be able to see if the 'symptoms of its sex' inclines more to a boy or a girl!"

From this little blog post booboo however, I have realized that many are quick to grasp a story based on what they see or hear directly. Which should be ideal, right? I mean, it's not as if you heard it from another source kan? You SAW and read it from the 'source' itself no?

But what if you read or see or hear is NOT really the actual thing? What if there is more to the story than just your A meets A scenario?

I know someone who jumped the gun a wee bit too soon. Uh-oh. Now what?

When shit hit the fan, it only made me see things in an oddly beautiful spectrum of light.

What doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger.

I am blessed to be surrounded by REAL people. Who sees justice to be in the hands of the Lord and not in their own.

Praise the Lord.

Happy birthday dear Cancerians. Here's to a sombre but blessed birthday.


  1. haha, not pregnant? icic, nway, any planning to add the member of the family?

  2. HAppy birthday! Looks like you have a very merry family...Love to see how merry you guys are...I wish i could hop in and join heheheheeh