Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye to yesterday

Life has been enriching. I have been filling my spare time helping out battered women, abused children, victims of rape and doing what I can for the environment. Why the sudden urge to commit at least a day in a week for volunteer work? Cause for the most selfish of reasons, it makes ME feel good. There is a beautiful high I get everytime I do good to another being, to do a what I can for a good cause; it makes me feel better. Helping others makes me feel less horrible about myself . Sad but true. My new motto in life is "kind words, kind thoughts". I want to forgive, repent and move on. I was interviewed recently by a member of this NGO on the reasons for me wanting to be part of this respected organization, I told them honestly, "Because I am selfish. Ironic but true. Helping these folks, in whatever capacity I can makes ME feel better. Makes life easier for me to carry on with"

The picture above was taken a few weeks ago. Jojo, Jac(lyn), Shazmin, Sofia and I (and ok...Isobel) are donning a shirt designed by the Vadivelu sisters ( Basically, (a percentage of) the sales proceeds for the shirts will be given to the Malaysian Nature Society.

These cool shirts are made out of 100% pure organic cotton and have some really funky designs to choose from. Some witty ones too I must say. Go check it out!
(my shirt says Don't be Thrashy)


What was just typewritten is bel's doing. I decided not to delete it, cause what looks like ridiculous mumbo jumbo to us, is her (proud) work. My 1 and half year old is completely innocent and oblivious to conforming and bowing down to the expectations of the community. We kow tow to the norms and stereotype acceptance of what's 'good and bad'. But who dictates what? I still believe it is all in the word of our God. In the Bible. Your Al Quran. etc.

My earlier post on Thugs and Bullies had comments of various views (I posted it on both my blog and facebook note). Most were supportive; but there were a few who were concerned for my 'image'.

" tak takut orang mengata pasal you take bayar car installment for 3 months?'

That is the least of my concern. Pride and ego needs to be replaced wisely by principles and ethics. And looking at the bigger side of the picture.

"I am more concerned about what is going on...this syndicate needs to be stopped. It's just not right"

Unfortunately, many don't seem to be able to put aside their ego. Yes. Even I have had my times of flaws. So I want to change. And with change, I need to be be open-minded, and non judgmental and truthful.
An acquaintance recently advised me to just be honest. Because lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

I pray for strength and courage and wisdom and faith. That I will be able to do as the Lord guides me. I also pray for those I have wronged and who have wronged me.
I want to say goodbye to yesterday, so I can move on with the present and do the best for the future.

I pray for a those whose heart is hard and bitter..and pray they realize that what they are doing is bringing no justice. No matter how hard he tries to convince his poor, sorrowful soul.

I pray for those who need strength to move on.

But let it be done in a conducive way. Not one where you might end up regretting at the end of the day.

Goodbye to the weekend.

Goodbye to yesterday.
Hello to my present.

Peace be to God.

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  1. A very touching post. May the Lord, in His mercy and love guide you and bless you in abundance of His love and mercy. God bless you Daphne, you have been more than inspiring to me. :)