Monday, June 1, 2009


I was reorganizing my pictures on my iPhoto (when I really should be writing my script) and came across some memorable pictures...some brought tears, most brought smiles...

Allow me to indulge you with my pictorial state.

The one above was taken in Taipei with someone who used to be very, very dear to me. It is sad how things have worked out the way they have. I can only pray to God for his happiness and his understanding when it is time.

He is with whom he loves best right now - I pray they'll treat him right.

This picture was taken when I was 6 months pregnant with Isobel. I had a relatively easy pregnancy and I remember laughing most of the time. I was dancing and singing right till I delivered. It is with little wonder why she loves music and dance.
I am still trying to teach her the running man.

It is cool Bel. Mummy promise.

Friends? They come and go...people grow older and relationships evolve. Just like love, friendship needs to be nurtured.
You lose some. You gain some.

SM,a friend of mine, posted on her facebook " why do friends bitch about one another?"
I commented: "friends" don't bitch.

Oh well.

" All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at time..."

I have sought forgiveness from those I have hurt; in my actions and in my words. And to make amends with those who still care.
But I have also resigned to the fact that some, will just have to go. I want to remember the good, and not the bad memories.

Someone asked me if I was angry. She said she sensed sarcasm in my last message to her. I told her I was not angry. No. That is not my nature to get mad. But I was hurt with what I had heard.
It just comes to show, you know who your true friends are at your darkest, lowest point of time.

Thank you to those who still love me despite my flaws.


  1. Dear Daphne,

    Memories are what makes a person. Whether they be sad or happy, they are never tardy teachers.

  2. Hi Daphne,

    Lovely and memorable pictures..:)

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  4. you have a lovely pregnancy shot :)