Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starting a new slate of life - begins with the body & soul

Hi. I'm a social smoker.

But now, I want to quit completely.

Not only has my skin aged, but I am not as fit as I used to be. I also don't want to harm my body and those around me with my stinking habit.

After several attempts, I have decided to try CHAMPIX. Firhad, my Senior producer introduced me to it. Apparently, he used to smoke like a chimney - and now he no longer has the urge to smoke.

CHAMPIX (varenicline tartrate) is a non-nicotine medicine which is designed to help smokers to quit by relieving craving and withdrawl symptoms and is only for motivated quitters like yours truly.

Although you are NOT recommended to smoke while taking treatment, CHAMPIX can also reduce the enjoyment of fags if you DO smoke when on treatment. Recommended treatment time? 12 weeks.

So...ladies & gents, I have bought my starter pack. It is a 2 week programme which slowly builds up your dose.

The first day I took it, I was on a natural high. For some strange reason.
The pharmacist told me to expect some slight dizziness and tummy pains, so she recommended me to eat something before consuming the tablet. I didn't. Stubborn me.

My old friends Ida & Nef wanted to catch up. I have not met them in ages, so decided to go despite the slight illness. Wine was served. Suffice to say, I 'gave in'. But the CHAMPIX support program says "a slip is not a relapse".

The second day I took it, I had a little bit of food before swallowing the tablet. Still on just 1 white CHAMPIX 0.5g tablet a day.
I had endless meetings today. Stressful to say the least. I saw a man smoking at the next table. I didn't have the urge to smoke. Just wanted something between my fingers. So I toyed around with my blackberry and popped another 2 chewing gum.

Tomorrow will be challenging. I will be going down to JB for a meeting with my team. ALL smokers. And I anticipate an intense meeting.

Smsed my self made 'support anti smoke' buddy Firhad just to vent.
He gave me some encouraging remarks.

I threw more lighters I found in my handbag. Kept one for my tealights.

Interesting facts:

Within 12 weeks of quitting (completely)

After 24 hours
Carbon Monoxide is eliminated from your body. Your lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris.

Within 24 hours
There is no nicotine left in your body. Your sense of taste and smell are greatly improved.

Within 72 hours
Your breathing becomes easier. Airways begin to relax and energy levels increase.

Within 2 weeks
Your heart is pumping more oxygen rich blood

Within 3 weeks
The longer you go without smoking, the better your heart and blood vessels will be.

Within 4 weeks
Smoking actually ages your appearance by damaging your skin and giving you more wrinkles- now the damage has stopped.

Within 6 weeks
Your hear circulation, skin, teeth, lungs and sense of taste and smell have all improved

Within 8 weeks
Your bones are more dense and less brittle

Within 10 weeks
Your skin is getting smoother and your hair is healthier. You may even notice you have whiter smile

Within 12 weeks
Your heart is more healthy and your airways are clearer, and you’re pumping more oxygen around your body

To a healthier me!

Wish me luck!


  1. never thought that quitting from smoking is kinda hard for social smokers.

    nevermind, im wishing you luck babe :)

    for better and healthier body!

  2. good luck! but is it really really true the result?? i wanna try it on my husband...

  3. Good Luck Daphne!! :)
    If there's a will, there's a way. :)

  4. Hi kak Daphne =)
    I've been following your blog since the old ones & are kinda dissapointed when you make it private.
    But now I've just found out this one & am are very glad to read your blog again.
    Good luck in your quest to stop smoking.
    It will definitely makes you a healthier person.
    Send my love to baby Isobel.
    She's a cute gal just like the mummy.

  5. Good luck, Daphne! Let me know how it goes, might try it myself too :)

    However you find yourself being irrationally depressed, stop immediately. Chantix/Champix affects diff people differently, since it does interfere with the brain's pleasure center.

  6. Good Luck Daphne! Tell us how it goes kio? I would like to try this too..been telling myself to stop smoking but ah... TOUGH!

  7. There is no such thing as a social smoker. It is either you are a smoker or you are not. At least do it for Isobel. Children pick up bad habits from their parents.

  8. All the best! I was one before and quit totally when I had my miscarriage, 1st baby (2004). That made me quit totally! At times, I do 'remember' the urge, but killed instantly when the thoughts of my 2 jovial, active boys set in. :) When there is a will, there's definitely a way. Seek for the Lord's assistance. God bless you.