Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy World Milk Day Everyone!

I was invited to participate in the Dutch Lady World Milk Day Campaign at Sunway Pyramid today; the organizers wanted me to either sing or dance. I can't do neither so I decided to do fun and games instead - and I (dragged) my "angels" with me.

World Milk Day is celebrated to create awareness on the benefits of drinking milk. I love milk -a lucky thing, since it has about 15 types of nutrients -- most importantly Calcium and Vitamin D to build and strengthen bones.

As a young girl, I remember my mother telling me to eat my greens and to drink my milk so I can grow up strong and healthy. So yes, I am watchful with what I eat - although I still love my junk food, I try and eat a balanced diet meal, at least once a day. I exercise and I've omitted fags and alcohol in my life as well as going for my regular dental and medical check up. But I have never given much thought about my bone health. I was surprised to hear that at the age of 30 years old, our bones start to deteriorate. A scary thought now that I have just reached the big 3-0.

Milk is an excellent source of calcium; important for bone health. So volunteering for this gig was easy. Or so I thought.

When they told me I had a one hour slot to perform; I initially said, "Peanuts lah..."

I grew nervous 2 weeks prior to the event.

What the hell are you thinking of? You can't even sing or dance to save your life!

Hence my impromtu decision to have fun and games instead with my "children for the day"; Kristen and Zach.

First game was called "Excuse me? I beg your pardon?" ( a game similiar to Chinese Whispers)
The second game was the "so you think you can dance"...wish I had pictures of this.
And finally we had "the moo-ing game".

It was over sooner than I thought! And boy..did we have fun!
Ha ha ha.

Zachary Chee signing off with Aunty Daphne's mantra "kind thoughts, kind words"

Daphne's Angels: (from left to right)
Melissa Biggs, Rachel Biggs, Kristen Chee, Daphne Iking, Zachary Chee
[Love you guys!]

After the show, we all went down for pancakes! Yum Yum
Sacred joke between us..
I love this picture! Kristen and Aunty Pon so happy.

Thank you to all the wonderful support. This had made my mission to help the Women's Aid Organization Child Centre come true.

Thank you Dutch Lady Milk, the Chee's, Bert Communications, Harwin, Ben Mah and Mr Manager for your endless support!

May God bless you all eternally....


  1. Hi Daph,

    New hairstyle? cantik:)Gosh.. I hope I can be slim like you.:P

  2. thank u on behalf of Dutch Lady..cheers