Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crazy, Sexy, Cool .... and TANNED!

Here is Yours Truly posing for the latest KL Lifestyle Magazine cover. This was taken about a month after I had completed my second movie, 'Belukar', and see how uneven my skin is STILL? I love a slight tan, but the torrid, hot weather burnt my poor skin. Sob! I have another important shoot early June, so I decided to get some help and not just depend on my (aging) skin renewal process. I have heard about the Clarin's Extreme Brightening from the Taurus Mountains treatment, so since I was free that afternoon, I decided to give myself a treat.

(Clarins Insitut, One Utama. Near Italianni's - I took this picture from my Blackberry, so it might a bit fuzzy)

I arrived early and was greeted with expected sweetness from its staff. I have not been here for quite awhile, so I took my time catching up with some familiar faces, and looking at the new products before I was gently prodded to my treatment room.

They had some slight renovations to the place and my eye for detail quickly scanned the room. I was impressed. After changing into my disposable g-strings, I switched off both phones and was ready for my (plus/minus) 75 minutes treatment.

This anti-pigmentation and anti-dark spot treatment is supposedly the brand's first whitening body treatment. I was told by my therapist that the treatment differs from other whitening body treatments because of the Double wrapping for a double lightening effect .

"Let's see if this is true"

It starts with the therapist making you feel relaxed

(in a soothing voice)
" point your toes ...something, something your calves, press on your buttocks, squeeze your tummy in, shoulders back, head pressed on the bed...breathe in through your nose (nice fragrance)...and breathe out through your mouth and was it re..lax?"

After doing this twice, I was given an intensive body exfoliation with some papaya and fruit enzyme...did wonders for dry areas like my elbows and knees. Off for a quick (hot) shower, before I was given a much needed (but oh so short) whitening stimulation massage, followed by the mask.

I was then bundled up in a warm big heated blankie, I loved it. (But to those who don' t like it too hot, you can always tell the therapist to lower the temperature)

Fell asleep while she gave me a nice scalp massage.

Finally had to be woken up (didn't sleep the night before, so Ms Therapist found it quite hard to stir me) and back in for another hot, long shower.

After the shower, she massaged the new Brightening Body Veil PRO (apparently it has the same active ingredients like the one retailed, but it has a specific texture dedicated for professional use) on me.

The texture is light, but with a 'mask effect' and a nice glimmer to it too.

The results?

(no pictures cause I tried taking a picture on my phone, but could only get a picture of my face and neck)

I noticed that my skin was softer looking and definitely brighter - especially the back (where I saw a significant even-skin tone look.
The skin also felt firmer ( I was feeling a bit bloated with water retention, and the hot mask wrap helped with that) and I felt my skin was much more rejuventated.

I didn't become Snow White, but instant results were seen.

My only concern was the massage - couldn't it be longer? I asked the therapist this, and she said there is a special body massage treatment that I can try.

Perhaps Clarins can combine both?

I was recommended to do this treatment once a week for clearer results, but I think if and when you have the money to splurge, do it.

It is slightly on the pricey end, RM210 but for the ambiance and instant results, I think its worth it!

(ps: have booked my second appointment just before my June shoot)


  1. sounds so delicious..having a warm blanket wrap around our body...mmmmhhhmmmm...nice...

  2. Exactly the review I was hoping to come across before I go try this treatment. Cheers^_^