Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Belukar Day 1

Ok...so my manager didn't manage to get more pictures on set... but this will do for now. Belukar is about a professional con artist Eva's (played by yours truly) entanglement with private investigator Nik (Bron Palarae) in one her biggest escapades.

When Jason Chong (director & scriptwriter of Belukar) approached me after a "sweaty morning at the gym" meeting, I was sceptical about the whole idea. Not because I did not like the story; in fact, I LOVED the whole story; but because (and I told him adamantly) that I am NOT an actress.

Especially after reading the article on TELL mag this month, I was not confident with my acting skills as 1. I don't act and 2. I do not have professional acting training.

Both he and his executive producer managed to convinced me finally... and here I am, the place I call home for my one month shoot.

Eva is not your ordinary girl. And with a complex, variety of character and moods, I am not sure if I can pull it off.

It is just day 1.
Sigh...long way to go.

The picture on the top is Danny, one of the actors, directors and producer of the movie. Rest of the cast and crew pictures will be taken later. Hopefully. If I don't get bitten by fishies in the sea later....SOB!


  1. Hi Shaz, thanks for dropping by my site :)

  2. Well consider it another challenge, or another avenue for you to conquer.

    Good luck, Daphne.

  3. Good Luck Daphne.. you can do it la...

  4. Will watch this movie. Like it coz pakai bahasa Sabah.

  5. Hi Daphne, saw you at downstairs yesterday..;)

    FYI, i'm in Labuan.
    Btw, good luck!

  6. i sudah tengok pra-tonton filem ni dekat uitm jengka, pahang...
    sangat best..
    u look great daphne...
    this film is unpredictable...