Saturday, February 14, 2009

Plant a tree for me and V!

Wanna show some love for mother nature?

Buy a tree for a mere RM60 as a gift to a loved one on Valentine’s Day and help to revive Taman Bukit Kiara – one of the few remaining green lungs in the city.

This is how the public can contribute to the “Hutan Kita – Kiara Our Forest” programme, a reforestation project to plant 50,000 rainforest trees and the brainchild of Malaysian Landscape Advisory Panel chairman Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah.

Come on guys, lets plant instead of pluck for Valentine's this year.

Spread the love ...

Find out more on Hutan Kita Kiara

Look! I have done it. Even if its just RM300. Happy Valentine's day to you Mother Nature!


  1. im cant wait to read ur new blog.keep it up

  2. Can you support the Earth and racing at the same time? In Female you said you wanted to get more into motorsports. But isn't all the carbon dioxide from all those cars bad for the environment?

  3. i really enjoy the last team on the breakfast show.....nowadays i don't really watch tbs coz i don't really like the new team....

  4. Brilliant posting!!!!

  5. I love this idea and I hope that more companies will catch on to this idea. Planting a tree for RM60 is definitely more meaningful than the usual 'heart-shaped' chocolates or plastic-choked roses!