Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's folks

I am in the mood for some lurrrvee....
Happy Valentine's Day friends! So what will we be doing for V- day? Something inexpensive, something personal and something quiet. No surprises, just some much needed rest and love with the family.

I told my co-hosts that I have always wanted to do the Sushi-Samantha (of Sex in the City). Will and Naz (impolitely) laughed. They claim that even before I can put my California rolls on my rolls of fat in the middle, I would have sneezed so loud being left in the nude and cold, it would destroy all hopes of something 'heated' later on.

They know me too well. So I have put that idea on hold till I am able to master the art of sneezing quietly.

Instead, I start the day by kissing my baby and giving thanks to HIM for HIS blessings. Then it was the norm, preparing her porridge and breakfast for the household, washing her bottles and sterilizing it and cleaning up her playpen area. I finally got around answering some emails and taking a break from cleaning up to blog before we head down to Aquaria for a CSR event.

So, yea... tonight will probably be spent at home watching some dvds. I can't wait! I just heard someone say "really?"... yes..REALLY. Looks can be deceiving. Look at our new set. You can go green if you stare at our green studio walls long enough. But with the power of some clever software, voila! what you see on telly is what modern technology has done. Still prefer the old set, but what to do? You adapt to life as it comes.

And just like how I have adapted myself to marriage and a kid, Valentine's is no longer about red roses and romantic expensive dinners. Its just about US. And that's what matters most.

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