Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I have been so caught up with work lately, that days and dates are often forgotten as time whizzes by without me realizing that it's 2am, and its time to hit the sack. I had one tiny opportunity last weekend though, to watch an episode of West Wing and the story unfolds in which the Chief Of Staff forgets his wedding anniversary and his wife leaves him.

Downing my green tea, I scoffed at his carelessness while picking the crumbs off my top.

Today is the 30th January. I am already made up and ready to go on air in a few minutes. I take a look at my scripts and beside this pile, lies mail sent to my office address. I open the prettiest mail first. Inside is an Anniversary card for both Ryan and I sent to us from my jewellers.

Crap. I forgot our Anni. And so has he.

Who is laughing now? Need to go shopping. Fast. Right after the show.


  1. been reading your blog for quite sometimes.. really proud of you.. x-roomie desa bakti :D

  2. Happy belated anniversary dear!
    My brother Richard shares the same anniversary date with you.
    May God bless you always.