Friday, October 10, 2008

si monyok

Article submitted for Malaysia Today

My mind is distracted and all over the place as I write this. Perhaps it’s the result of gluttony? I had stuffed myself silly with too much lemang and rendang over the past few days. Or could it be the bizarre news I’ve been reading day in and day out, on our local tabloids each day? Perhaps it’s a mixture of both.

I love hosting the morning talk show but my only ‘despair’ would be doing the first segment of the show we aptly call, the TALK OF THE TOWN. Here, my co-hosts and I, will discuss the headlines and skim through the news in the papers for the day.

Some say ignorance is bliss. Others vigorously express that knowledge is power. I sit on the fence, although my posterior does extend itself further to the former. Before I shame my parents and the scholars who have lectured and nurtured me voluntarily, allow me to use Solomon Short’s quote, “Half of being smart, is knowing what you’re dumb at”. Sometimes, not knowing what goes on in our sick, mortal world, gives me the enveloped sense of serenity and security whilst keeping my sanity intact.

The war in the middle east still exists. In fact, there are bloody wars everywhere around the world. Pardon the pun. Suicide bombing. Genocide killing. And the economy? U.S. stock markets are tumbling; Dow Jones losing 300 points, dipping below 10,000 for first time in four years. Fuel prices are higher, repeated natural disasters are taking place faster than we had imagined and nearly a fourth of the world's mammals are threatened with extinction! And don’t get me started on our local news! Cleansing rituals that include beating the crap of your own family members with a broom and helmet? And how about Malaysia political news for laughs instead of your healthy dosage of comics for entertainment?

As I sip my cup of coffee (I don’t take coffee unless I’m highly strung out – yes, this article has made me drink just that!), my attention is drawn to the sound of Lina giggling.

With Abba’s “Mamma Mia” playing on my iTunes, I skip to where my maid is. I watch as Bel lifts one leg up as she avoids her pee that dribbles down from her leg to the mattress. (Opting cloth diapers have a disadvantage here). My 10 month old has a confused look on her face. She glances from my maid to me. A laughing condoning expression to that of mine that screams “worry”. She turns her affection back to Lina and I pass my cup of coffee to the maid and whisk Bel out of her urine. She gurgles and hugs me tight- a gesture I have taught her with pride and delight, but not welcomed when I was wearing my new Pucci top and had just bathed, ready for dinner and a movie with my best friends.

Ironically, as my body reacts in repulsion to her wet bottom, her hug only tightens. And as she elopes my body, and smothers me with wet kisses on the shoulder, my heart melts and like a superbaby from the 5th season of Heroes, she takes away my stress and anger just-like-that.

I told you my mind is everywhere today. Bear with me. I’ll piece this together.

Isobel is innocently reacting to OUR reactions. She is completely ignorant about her pee being dirty but she REACTS to our expression. Ignorance IS bliss isn’t it dear girl? We live in fear and worry because we read the reports about the happenings of our nation, our world – our ONLY world (for now at least). Bel’s laughter is filled with carefree gaiety and lovable emotion. I envy her purity. Her eyes reminds me of the little girl being taught how to catch a fly by her father at the Dim Sum restaurant the other day.

Oh no. I’m randomly rambling again.

Best I change my top and change into a similar top I bought at H&M.

Sigh….Mamma Mia anyone?

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