Saturday, October 4, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya folks!

So here we are, Bel getting rather impatient waiting for 'aunty kakak' to pick us up for our impromtu, self-invited Raya Open House. I couldn't fit into any of my kebayas, so this year, Bel and I have decided to be ang moh's and just pakai casual smart.

That's Azizul's sister and brother in law with little Yusoff.
I had the most interesting chat with the tuan rumah.
She's a lovely character.
When I have time, will blog about her
Isobel with Uncle Azizul's songkok at DSMI's house.

A terrible start but a refreshing revelation. Maybe some things aren't meant to be. And I have to learn to accept this.

Selamat hari raya readers.... I will be updating this blog this weekend.
I just need to feel like a sexy woman again so going to do my run, get my eyebrows tweezed, wax my legs, check up with the dentist....basically going for an overhaul.

Been in this state for way too long. I look like an ape, only with short hair.
Time to wake up and smell the lilies again.


Daphne Eleanor


  1. slmt hari raya!
    bel look so sweet!!

  2. Dear Daphne .. you still look great!! ... :) :)

  3. i so know what u mean... i have a 5 month old daughter..while i make her look cute and gorgeous all de time, i onde other hand look like a shlumpadinka! sigh...

  4. heheh...

    hye daphne...

    isobel pink...

    comel sangat....

  5. Isobel says thank you.... had so much lemang and rendang...kao sedap wei....

  6. the first pic...u look like Intan laa..Kevin Zahri's gf...
    or is something wrong wif my eyes :p

  7. bels so cuuuteee!!! send my xoxo 2 her..wee~