Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Emptiness Becomes Openness

October 8, 2008

Sometimes a Loss Can Be a Gain

When we lose anything that we cherish, the sense of emptiness we are left behind with can be overwhelming. A space that was filled, whether in our lives or our hearts, is now a void, and the feelings of pain, loss, and separation can sometimes be difficult to bear. While it is always important to honor what we’ve lost, sometimes a loss can also represent a chance for a new beginning. When we are ready, the void left by a relationship, a job, or a dream can then be viewed as open space that can be filled with something new: new experiences, new knowledge, new job opportunities, new dreams, new people, and new ways to grow.

There are many ways to weave the threads of loss into a blessing. If you’ve lost a job or ended a relationship, your first thoughts may revolve around filling the void with a similar job or the same kind of relationship. Try not to rush into anything just to fill up the emptiness. The loss of a job can free you up to explore new opportunities, especially if you’ve outgrown the old one. Likewise, the loss of a relationship can give you a chance to rediscover your own interests, explore new passions, and meet different people.

If seeking the good in what seems like a bad situation makes you feel uncomfortable, then try to remember that you are not devaluing what you’ve lost or replacing it cold-heartedly. You are surrendering to the fact that, in life, we sometimes have to let go and allow for what is new to enter into the open spaces created by our losses. In doing so, you are honoring what has left you and welcoming the new into your life with open space, an open mind, and an open heart.


  1. I totally agree with you.

    I once heard that one tends to be more mindful when they are in the dark.

    Doesn't matter how bad we fall, we will learn to climb up again and doesn't matter how dark our world gets, I believe the light to torch our way is always there to be discovered.....

    Definitely an inspirational post you've delivered. =D

  2. yeap, so true.. am kinda goin thru a bad patch now, but this post kinda lifts me up.. thx..

  3. Currently undergoing a bad breakup. It sucks!! Big time.
    I mean, when you're with someone for so long, you kinda grow accustom to what you two have been doing TOGETHER all these years. So making a change is hard.It is possible...but hard.
    But i'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hoping the best will come in time.
    Just have to put faith in it.

  4. Whoa... I didn't know you have a blog.


  5. Hi! Daphne..

    I think we should always count our blessings .. even in times of despair!! When the times comes .. living with the beautiful memories may be the greatest gift of all!! :) :)

  6. So true and very well said. *kudos*

    Although we all know, its easier said than done.

    But if you are going through a rough patch, I got 2 words of wisdom that helped pushed me through.

    "Just Do It" - NIKE

    "Impossible Is Nothing" - Adidas

    hehe ;p

    ~Have a great day~

  7. omg now i REALLY want niu chap!