Sunday, September 7, 2008

The ones who knows me best

After the adidas launch, I stayed on in KK to catch up with friends and to meet mum and dad. It was a hectic August, and I really needed the break; so what better way to spend it than with those who love you despite your crap, right?

We were the first to arrive. Main organizer for the luncheon was LATE!

Finally, everyone started strolling in. We had to move to a bigger room.
I dragged my mum with me - poor her.
She had to hear horror stories of her daughter told by my friends as we 're-lived' the moments.

From Left to Right:
Lena, Bethan, Pops, BB, Zar, Mum, Leena, Viv, Faye & Totoy

Miss Organizer with little Bethan. Be-Bet stole the limelight during my Bali Wedding. She still knows how to charm her way through my hangbag for the chewing gum.

Lil punk!
Her sister Aline... looks so much like Jr! The Tsai blood is very prominent here!
(She is only 10 days older than Isobel, but she has 6 teeth. Bel only has 2 1/2... sigh)
Cute kan?
Aunty Popon with a younger version of BB

At Coffeebean , The Waterfront with Claire, Chris and Danny

Congratulations guys on your new home! Wow...

Claire, Vivian and I visited Debby on Sunday afternoon to celebrate her son's 1 year old birthday!
And yes. Debby is expecting a girl in less than 3 months! Pau ka liao man!

Debby, Claire and I were all from Jet house. After sports practice, Claire and I would head over to Debby's mum shop for Niu Chap. Aunty Mary (Debby's mum) has NOT changed.
Its so hard to believe that Debby is a mummy now. If you had known her then, you would know why. But then again, they say that about me too.


I wonder if the Jet House song is still (pathetically) the same?

Jet is Red, Jet is Bright...Come on Jet...FIGHT! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!!
(visitors from SFC, can you please tell me if it is still the same song, and does Comet house have a song now? Cause we can't remember Comet House having a song...)

Viv (we formed a gang called the Panty Gang during primary school... don't ask!), Claire ( we hung out at Snake (found out later it was SNACK) House and Claire's mummy (she used to lecture me for not going for Sunday mass)
I was talking to a very good KL friend of mine who was down with us for the event and I shared with him on how different my set of friends are in KL and KK.
It was great catching up with my childhood friends - some whom I have not met since 'Galon days'.

Goofing around with them again was just like the old days. They say its a great friendship when you meet up and there is no akwardness - like you had just met the day before. The last time I met Claire was when I was on an assignment in Australia many years back. But it seemed like only yesterday that we were together, melastik our victims and annoying our parents with our will to form our very own Acapella group.

I can't wait to go home again, this time with little Isobel! Yay!


  1. It is true that without family and true friends we are lost..... no matter what out home is always a comfort zone, security blanket and a place you feel that you were brought into this world with a purpose.

    To make and see you love one smile and happy after sometime away.

  2. Pon, it's SFC not SFX!
    When I left SFC in 2000, Jet house still had the same song. Comet had a song that nobody could remember because it sounds like a combination of Jet and Boeing's song. Poor Comet, always last :D

    Isn't it amazing how Bebet looks exactly like BB? The hair and that signature smile! Tsk tsk the Tsai gene, kuat butul!

  3. ya debbie F..expecting 2nd one...hard to believe..LOL...but she still hot mama LOL

  4. Hi daphne, my frens n i will be heading to Sabah for the very first time for a beachy weekend, we're staying at sutera Harbour. Can u kindly do a post like what food is a must try at KK and places of interest thats worth going...can u pls do that...pls.
    Oh ya...recommend to me good seafood plc that wont cut throat.


  5. To the C to the O to the MET! Go for the gold and fight fight fight! Gooooooooooo comet!!!
    (BTW i was with Jet House too)

  6. hey, nice blog u have here. Check out mine.

  7. pon,

    why dun you upload pictures of you guys when you were in high school? just to compare.

    I was a Boeing girl but i couldn't remember the song. Did Fokker has a song as well? I always remember Jet's song though.

  8. Hi Dave!!!
    Time too short & can't believed U just next to me during Lecture at USM(1998).If ko masi ingat lah.If U dont...ko masuk la ni link
    Sia sudah lupa member ko yg sorang lagi tu!!!tua sudah sa ni...
    Good luck..& your daughter so cute mcm ko!!!

  9. hey, I remember u all!!!

    guess you guys cant remember me up

    Daphne, i've link urs ok

  10. Popon,waahhh reunion... kewl...
    Hmmm... i think COMET mcm tiada lagu bah kan... jahat oOOo COMET bah..
    U look great!!!

  11. Daphne,

    ya the JET song is still the same... i left SFC 5 years ago... till now the song still d same....

  12. I say hey!
    Its comet here!
    There must be a comet in the atmosphere!
    gooooo comet!!!!!! WARHHHH[the same old typical SFC punya style of teriak-yg-bikin-pekak-telinga]=P
    -ada some parts of the cheer sa lupa. hehe.

    and Jet house "new" song;

    Hey jet house you're so fine, you so fine you're come on out hey jet house!
    JET JET!
    hey jet house!
    JET JET!
    [the mickey mouse song=.=]

    and I'm currently studying in SFC, SPM candidates=(
    nyways, love ur blog! GO JET HOUSE![sa pun urg jet house bah!=P]

  13. isobel is 8 months and she has 2 1/2 teeth. my elil is 15 months and she has 2 1/2 teeth!waaayyyy behind in the gigi dept.

  14. Hey Hey...

    isn't it "Jet is Red, Jet is Bright...Come on Jet House...FIGHT! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!!" also another that goes..."run to left and to the right, come on jet lets start a fight, if u wanna make it to the top, must work hard and never stop, come on jet house jet jet, come on jet house jet jet" something like that.
    Gosh i remember those days during practice. I was soo proud to be in jet hse. Opps.. bt i left SFC in 1999 and the song will not face away.