Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am Passionately Pink!

DeeDee, the Diva Disco Duck

Who says DeeDee is all about partying?

She wants to tell you that it is important, NOT to duck an examination.

Seen here is the Disco Queen fresh from her medical checkup. Spreading the love around her, she parties (classily) hard but still finds time to make sure she has a clean bill of health all year round! (geddit? BILL? ha ha ha ha...snort!)

“It ain’t so great partying with a headache”, she quacks.

DeeDee is in her usual bling attire – wearing her (subtle) 3 stripes, she says the number 3 means a couple of things, depending on the situation.

(Today it means “Don’t Duck Exams!”)

She knows of some friends who missed early detection and is currently going through therapy – but DeeDee remains positively strong for her friends! Hence, the little orangey-red bling at the tip of her tail to indicate courage.

The strand of pearls she adorns everyday is a gentle reminder for her to be wise when she is out partying.

“I don’t do drugs or alcohol…I just like to shake my tail off to Beyonce’s tunes…Quackalicious!”

The pearls of wisdom and her flamboyant but lovable character is the reason why DeeDee is such a beautiful Diva.

What on earth is Daphne blogging about?

Its the Passionately Pink: Know. Prevent. Cure Breast Cancer Campaign I am involved with where I get to decorate my "duck" any way I want to.

My Disco Duck (as well as some other "celebrity ducks") will be displayed in the Passionately Pink Gallery at Jaya One from today till November.

The public and companies are invited to place their bids on these Ducks in which the highest bidder will be announced on the 1st of November.

All monies raised for this campaign is TAX EXEMPTED for the donor(s) and all proceeds will go directly to Assunta Hospital's Breast Cancer Community Treatment Program.

Spread the awareness.

Bid for DeeDee. She can make you smile.

(Let it be known that I am NOT good with arts. So this was a real challenge for me. I have glitter dust all over my face, sequins everywhere on my study desk and a very cynical husband smiling annoyingly. Please help spread the love. Or would you be keen on bidding?Please?)


  1. Way to go girl, you had succeeded in making a wonderful master piece. We Duck Salute You.

    It is nice to have such loving, caring and wonderful people in our country that would do lots to help, listen and lend a helping hand.

    I bet DeeDee is ready to get down and party to the ground to help those in need. I wish DeeDee would be able to bring lots of funds ($$$) from the bidding and share love & spirit for the ones who need them.

    I hope i was in KL so that i could bid. Darn....

  2. First time I saw it, I thought..."Whoa! so cute. this must be for Isobel"...when I read on, then only I know what is DeeDee for. :)
    Go For Deedee

  3. Ya! I pon ingat for Isobel ;)
    Creative laa..Daphne

    Cute ;)

  4. Dear Daphne..

    That's a masterpiece of art!! Love the way the cap is decorated!!

    Hope DeeDee will fetch big $$$ for a good cause!! :) :)

  5. Hi Daphne!

    It's a good thing you're doing something for the charity. I thought it was for Isobel in the 1st place. Heehe. Wish I was in KL to spread the love too.

    And on the unrelated note, do check out my blog for the award I've given you & yes, you have been tagged! ;D

    One love,
    just another x JetHouse member ;p

  6. Hai Daphne i have never posted any comments before. After looking at the pics of the pink duck its so lovely and its so u cool,beautiful and confident.way to go gal.ur the best.GOOD LUCK.

  7. hehee... she's adorable! I'd bid for her anytime!

  8. Gosh, I *love* your master piece!!! Great talent gal :)

    cheers from,

  9. that rubber duck really turn me on .