Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sheannie's Hennie Part I

FINALLY, the first batch arrive at Seven Hotel!

Intricate designs in this tiny boutique hotel
Fooling around at Centralworld, Bangkok

Casey just arrived - we are ready to hit the streets!

But first, MAKAN!
The streets of Patpong
My galfriend!

Min and Gai joins us
I forced her to wear her veil to 'bed'
Rexona ad?
1/2 of our bodyguard discussing something important with Nonoks
This guy is so perasan... =)


  1. daphne m so lovin the corset-like-tube that you were wearing there...

    i have been looking for pretty corset like that but still can't find any in KK

  2. hi Daphne,

    i saw you have posted many photo in your blog site. u did all the editing?

    i see you like the effect of making the edges to be 'blurred-black' (we called it vignetting).

    but i see the black is just too dark. if you don't mind, my suggestion to you is to softer the black color. so it will look more cool.

    ok, if u r using the adobe photoshop. just before you select the round edge, simply create a new layer above the photo. then selecting the new layer and make the round-outline. then do you 'blurred black' effect.

    when u are done, reduce the opacity to a lower percentage.
    (i usually set opacity to 50% and the fill to 80%)

    give it a try, and hope you like it.

    if you want more info, do feel free to email me at:

    email: ""

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    my blog:

    my sub blog:
    (budget event photographer)
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  3. haha the days when sheahnee had a proper hairstyle :P