Thursday, August 21, 2008

of glitz and glam?

This picture was taken a few months back after The Breakfast Show, talking about the Oscars. We had a movie critic and a selected handful of fashionistas who gave their two sense worth of the various styles on the red carpet. But this post is not about the Oscars - it is about the red carpet, not in Hollywood, but here in Malaysia.

A few days ago, I agreed to attend 3 different events, 2 of which collided with each other. I will NEVER do this again. Not only was I exhausted, I had to (surrender to the fashion police) in buying another dress, when I realized (or rather, gently reminded of), that it would be a fashion faux pas to be caught wearing the same outfit on the 'red carpet'.

And because the batteries of my camera (as well as my physical and emotional tank) had ran low, I was unable to capture the moments of these three events!

After numerous meetings, I headed to the first event for the day. Loreal had teamed up with DermaGenesis (Malaysia) to co-exist in which L'OREAL has been granted the exclusive use of the "L'OREAL DERMAGENESIS" mark here in Malaysia.

Then, Ms Poo picked me up and we (lost) our way to the next event at The Apartment Downtown, Suria KLCC for Joyce's do... As I marveled at the intricate details to the launch of
..... Ta-daa!

I smacked myself silly for not checking the batteries of my old camera. There were so many colorful characters around that night. We stayed on for a good 15 minutes before we were 'time constrained' to our next do -- the OK! Mag Fest at Zouk. (We could have stayed on longer to mingle with the interesting motley of designers, budding talents. models and bloggers; if Chermaine and I were not so dumb in losing our way!) =(

At the OK! Mag Fest thingee, I won an award! Ha ha. MOST LOVABLE FEMALE something something. Unfortunately, when I was (shockingly) asked to come on stage to collect my award, I received some disturbing news from home -- so headed back right away.

In a nutshell, perhaps, like how my entry for today is, my mind was all over the place. Literally.
I was not at peace. I didn't feel glamorous or glitzy at any of the events 'carpet'. I was tired and my heart was elsewhere, as of my mind and soul. You might ask me, "then why bother going if you were not up for it?"

My answer is simple. Because I rsvp-ed a "YES" to all. I hate it when one agrees to attend your do, but doesn't show up at all. And for each of the event, there was a special someone who had made me smile and felt inspired, so it was my little show of gratitude to that person by lending my presence to show support.

Glitz and Glam on the red carpet anybody?

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  1. Hey Daphne,

    Was at the launch party and saw that you looked like you had a lot on your mind. Wanted to say HI but was afraid.silly me.

    Anyways, do hope you are feeling much better;)

    Anita Natalia.