Monday, August 11, 2008

MAA kuala lumpur

Love surreal

Trying so hard to be as tall as Sham

Slithering barnacles!

always in the middle...

mui surrounded by mums! kinky!

Lets end the night with a pose!


Here's a summary of that night.

1. What is the point of having VIP tickets when you have to stand in line with the rest? Print it on my ticket that I am to stand in line 'GATE E' the next time around. If I had known the double standards offered, I would have hired a 1-digit registered limo to send me right in front of the entrance.

2. I am sure the foreign VIPs would deeply appreciate the umbrella and water container given as our goodie pack. How cool.

3. Michael Learns To Rock had more spectators watching their concert than the MAA this year. And they said tickets for the MAA KL were sold out!?

4. A post party with a NO SMOKING sign. Joy.

5. Malaysia Boleh?


Luckily I had my McD's with me that night. You know who you are. Hugs galore...


  1. you look extremely gorgeous Daph..I really admire your really look great even after becoming a mommy! *wink*

  2. love ur jeans.where did u get them?

  3. I didn't think MAA was great at all. Couldn't agree more. 'Malaysia Boleh?'

  4. abby: its called the art of wearing black

    Aunt Bubbly:Jeans are from Sex Kitten. An exclusive shop in Australia. You can go online to shop!

    elaine: Sigh...what to do?