Friday, August 22, 2008

Keeping time

Yesterday, I went for the TechnoMarine watch launch and managed to catch up with some friends of the industry. I have one word to describe them. "young".

How, on earth, are they able to manage such a career and yet look so phucking hot? Noryn Aziz is one fine example. Geez. She looks amazing! In fact, ALL of them look really, really good. I even (discreetly) peered over, and scrutinized 'my sifus' skin upclose. I swear, that Bernie and Ai Ling woman still radiates youth and Hans, he's still drop dead yummy! Syafinaz - it must be the songstress in her that makes her glow... sigh.

Keeping time.

Peering over the mirror and tracing the new lines that has slowly settled on my face, I heave a sigh and take a deep breath. I hate to admit it, but time is catching up, and my wrinkles are proof of this.

I support the idea of 'growing old gracefully' - but attending events like these, one can't help but feel slightly apprehensive.

Time to cut off all vices. Social or not.
Bye green packs. Sniff.


  1. Hi! Daphne..

    My personal opinion ..

    You paling hot in the pic!! :) :)