Sunday, August 17, 2008

I kissed a girl

The first time I heard this song played on our local airwaves, I heard it as "I kissed it.." and thought the initial 'retardedness' to the melody of the song was 'part of its uniqueness'. I found out much later that the Malaysia Censorship board had a lot to do with my prior thought.

Rereading the lyrics to the song, I now know why. Homosexuality is a taboo topic in many parts of the world, and although we see it slowly seeping in comfortably in most households, conversations and events, it is still deemed morally wrong.

Of late, a highly controversial, alleged scandal of a certain politician, has made tongues wag and eyebrows raised. It seems to be like a dejavu of history repeating itself (only, I have to say, the accuser this time around, is sooo pretty!)

There's a lot of speculation and theories leading up to the sodomy allegations against the Permatang Pauh election candidate. While some, including our former PM, insists that the accused swear on the Quran too, some religious leaders say what is being done (the act of placing the hand on the Quran while taking the oath to declare that one was telling the trust) is against Islam.

Well, only time will tell if what is being said by the accuser, HAS truly be done by the accused - "Let the court decide" is the most diplomatic answer one would say in a formal setting, although in truth, these questions burns ferociously in our heads "Did HE do it? Was it consensual?"

Naturally, this would be a "mamak store" rhetoric question amongst my pals and I. Getting bored of the many twisted theories behind it, we decided to change the topic to this:

"EVERYONE, no matter how straight you are, will come across a 'gay'experience in their life...True or False?"

Your answer?

"I kissed a girl, and I liked it...the taste of her cherry chapstick..."

Love, sometimes, is so surreal...


  1. Answer to the question : True.

    Even if it's just a fleeting thought while looking at someone of the same sex (stranger or even a friend). That counts too right?

  2. To your question, true. I probably am currently at that stage.
    But realy, what I really say here is, putting all the sometimes-silly Malaysian laws aside, even if Anwar is gay, why can't he rule? Sexual orientation is one thing. Leadership is another. Just an opinion.


  3. Have I kissed a girl - Yes.

    Does that make me gay - No.

    Can Anwar rule? - Sure! As long as he spends more time ruling than planning scandals or throwing dirt at other ppl trying to make himself smell good..


  4. I'm as straight as a straight metal ruler. But I'm not homophobic either. I try to love everyone (keyword: try).However, I do agree with you that the act of homosexuality is a moral issue.

    I recall how I was fond of a fellow student in Std 1. But I knew it was nothing more than an admiration for him. He was good looking and all. And I did admire that and his personality. I was in a boys school and was only seven.

    I guess we all misinterpret what we feel at various levels. And sometimes, things get blown out of proportion. However, it may not be the case for everyone.

    I think the Malaysian News have been the best blockbuster of the year. Scandals and politicised rumours are increasing pop-corn sales!