Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm in Shape!

I woke up at 530am with much difficulty. I was not in the mood to run as I had a late night fiddling around with my 'editting machine' yesterday. I had placed a few alarms and when the final alarm rang at 555am, I threw away my couch blankie (with a heavy heart) and stretched.

Now, that I am home alone, holding on to this piece of paper that gives me 'bragging rights' to friends and family who has never done a run before, I am happy I didn't continue to snooze.

Although it was just a 5km Fun Run, I think I did quite alright (except for the stairs).


This is (DJ) Jay Menon who graces the cover of Shape's August issue. A lovely, talented lass with a hot body to boot! (And she doesn't diet!) sigh...

(DJ) Sham, the emcee for the day with Jay and a contestant who won himself a CD from Universal Music.

The tired participants

Never short of beautiful, strong women for the event!

Ninie the Yoga Instructor (my sifu) never fails to amaze me.
I have decided not to do the 101008 gig with her.
Shy only...
*mwah ninie*

They're in Shape too! (Geddit?)

Miss Kiasu Singaporean Jojo Stryus does NOT understand the meaning of a FUN RUN!

She came tops in the 5km (FUN RUN)

Luciano & Baby G from Celeb Fitness

Jay & Sham

Julia busy at the booth
I love Action 3 (Fresh) and the Daily scrub!

You are NOT running? *gasp!

We try Ninie...unfortunately, MD failing miserably...

We were so dissapointed with the Milo cepat habis wan! sniff!

I was also sad to see so much rubbish not being thrown inside the bin provided.

See? this was full....

But this wasn't!
Amber ran from the carpark to the finish line in her jeans! ha ha ha. Read about her new abode in Hello! (Msia).

Cover girl Jay shyly poses for me
Tai Hon and Ninie are the only REAL yogis here. MD improves. Jess...needs more practice. (But I still sayang you babe... fun sunday kan?)

I want Datin's shoes!

Kevin's 'happiness shines through;

The Breakfast show are in Shape?

Hey...thought you were supposed to run too?

Jess Lim & Tai Hon
(Hotdog courtesy of Mr Pengacau Choy)

The crew needs a break too!

Daphne sans makeup and eyelashes. Exhausted, hot but contented. Next one, 10km.


  1. Daphne, you look real great. I adore you. You're my idol! Amazingly beautiful. You got natural beauty that not everyone has. Stay healthy and pretty always. Take care and keep posting beautiful pics! *wink*

  2. that Fun Run does song interesting!izt really just a fun run or it is for some charity purposes??did you even run??haha~~just joking cuz u dun look sweaty!!HAHA~

  3. hi daphne, i saw u during the Shape Run..u look so kurus and pretty...wanted to take photo with you but i was soo shy since you were with some friends..rugi me :(

  4. My mom bought Shape mag yesterday, and I took a glance and thought, "Eva Longoria on Shape?" Tengok2.. Jay Menon! Whoaa! O.O hahah..

    Anyways, congrats on completing the run! Looked like fun!

  5. wow. your skin is really great.