Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sex & The City

Dear readers;

My second article for Malaysian Today under the Writer's Blog segment.

So… SATC is out and I, as of 4 other of my pals am screaming in delight. My more ‘conservative’ friends would point out and correct me that its abbreviation is SATS. I tell them gently that it is not an academic assessment that we are talking about, but the movie which has FINALLY arrived our shores…well, at least in Singapore.

When my deadline for this blog entry drew near, I asked Mia for an extension. Any writer would have complained about a writer’s block – ask Carrie Bradshaw. And the best advice would be? Write something that is close to heart. So here it goes.

I was about 19 years old when the series of SATC (that’s Sex and the City by the way) came to Malaysian cable. I was so excited as I had heard so much about the show from my cousin, Cindy who just got back from the US. I remember sitting down with her and gleefully embracing the guilt that I felt, watching something that had the title ‘SEX’ on it.

I also remember being slightly disappointed and hugely embarrassed because I didn’t understand what these four women were talking about. But being at an age, where you constantly wanted to please, or as the Spice Girls would croak, be a WANNABE, I laughed and cried half a second after Cousin Cindy relayed her emotions. I recall frowning (secretly) at words like ‘The Rabbit’ and ‘Spunk’ and wondering why on earth did that ‘Carry lady’ spend so much money on weird looking shoes that were too painful to wear in the first place!

Fast forward seven years later; I had the whole six seasons of SATC on DVD, which meant 3 days of continuous couch potato-ing. By then, I no longer was the pretentious prat. I understood why Cousin Cindy laughed so loud at Samantha’s blunt honesty and was forlorn at Carrie’s (and not CarrY) love issues. I envied Carrie’s wardrobe and her witty columns. In fact, I think it was because of her that I tried my flair in writing. It was not just about sex and fashion. It was about love and relationships. It was about friendship and sticky everyday situations we take for granted. I sympathized, I empathized, and I was hooked on the lives of these four 30-something year old women. So when the season ended, I sulked for a good one year. It was my favourite adult comedy and not even Desperate Housewives could beat them. And don’t get me started on Cashmere Mafia. Yawn.

I came alive again when Sex and the City: The Movie was rumoured to be in pre-production. And I, as of thousands of women around the world held our breath for the good news. I climaxed when it was confirmed, and I ‘Carrie-d’ a rosy glow for the next few weeks. Until the cynic in me emerged.

There was so much hype and publicity on this movie, I was scared of being let down. I watched the Oprah Winfrey Special on SATC and its cast. I saw and read about its premier on E! News. I saw and felt the excitement, but I had secretly created a defence wall – just in case. Its like dating a Greek God who has yet to show the full package.

When we heard Sex and the City: The Movie was showing in the Lion City, the girls and I planned a trip down. My husband could not understand our lengthy facebook thread conversations on the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’s’ of our SATC trip. He scoffed at our plans on ‘dressing’ the part when we watch the movie together. Everyone wanted to be the ‘Carrie’ or the ‘Samantha’. So I decided to go for the ‘Miranda’ look – only snazzier! ( Hey, she was the less attractive of the lot! Lets be honest here!) So, here I am, reminiscing the night out with the girls and of course, the movie.

I decided to don my yellow Marc Jacobs shorts with a crisp white shirt from Armani Exchange. I don’t own a pair of yellow Manolo Blahniks, so the 4” peep toed, yellow ALDO shoes (that I bought on discount during the Singapore Great Singapore Sale) completed the look. Got my hair and nails done, and pumped up my peepers with loads of my new Anna Sui lash extender mascara. Pink lippy, and I was ready to meet the girls (and one (straight) boy whom I dragged for this article’s research purpose) for dinner and THE movie.

The conclusion? Although the shorts were beautiful, it gave little justice to the cinema’s freezing environment! Thank God for the adidas jacket I had stuffed in my tiny Gucci bag (just in case!). And the shoes? Yes, it gave me the swagger that I needed for the look I was aiming for, but to put it simply, I carried Miranda’s pained expression with ease as I limped around Golden Village buying my salted popcorn and green tea which I had poured into the Martini Glasses I had brought along with me -don’t smirk. (When I plan something, I go ALL the way!)

I understand SATC: The Movie only hits Malaysian shores next month – “We got to chop, chop, chop ma…!” So, to not spoil the surprise, I’ll put it this way. Our (straight) guy pal hugged us all and paid me back for the ticket I bought for him, I stained my white shirt with mascara and green tea. My throat hurts from laughing and although I carried my yellow shoes all the way back to the hotel, I walked tall with new found confidence and loving the fact that I am to turn 30 in 2 weeks time. There is a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in all of us – and yes, Sex and the City remains to be my number one book/series/ movie.


  1. ye daphne,

    i love reading your blog!
    anyway, i watched Sex and The City, TWICE!!
    and it made me cry, especially the part when the wedding is off and also when Carrie asked Miranda, whether the thing that happened to her is a dream. damn, i cried a lot at that part!
    anyway, i loved the story :)

    keep blogging daphne!

    brisbane girl :P

  2. ditto... :)

    i left me kiddo with hubs one weekend, and drove down south to catch the movie with a bestest buddy, and it was all worth it! well i did miss hubs and kiddo for a moment :P

    m turning 30 too this year, and the movie came at the right time :)

    did u get the movie book?

  3. dearest Daphne
    I will be going for a c-section delivery on first week of August..could you please PLEASE PLEASE advise me what I should consume during my confinement? I know that you had bird's nest but is there anything else which could speed up the uterus/incision recovery? really appreciate if you could drop me an email..really BEGGING you for your kind advise.. I m feeling more terrified now..counting down the days to the operation room...I have needle phobia :'''( HELP...

  4. tak tahan tunggu..

    ada 2 minggu lagi :(

  5. Dear gorgeous,

    I am almost sure that we weren't in the same cinema but I am certain that we were in Singapore at the very same weekend with the same purpose, to watch Sex And The City the movie (so pandai cover, padahal mau shopping, kan?). My girls and I (kecuali Anna-Rina that didn't want to join the 'dresses with heels' parade) also dressed to the nines to the movie, but I'm thankful our cinema wasn't that cold.

    And according to Anna-Rina, she bumped into you in toilet at Vivo. Of course when I was shoe-shopping, toilet can wait :)

    Hope to bump into you anytime soon! Maybe this time around in cinema watching our rounds of SATC here, just to check which scenes don't make it here :)