Thursday, March 6, 2008

wishing i was there

This is my new look.

I'm slightly apprehensive about the fringe - because I hate the fact that it is so high maintenance (the "blowjob"..the "make sure it doesn't get water or else it'll frizz up like an apricot on a hot day"..the "I have to trim once a week"...) but after a month or two deliberating on a new look for this new body shape of mine ( I am still learning to love my new "motherly" body shape...sigh), I decided to let Shawn cut my bangs. Its a love and hate relationship, but I needed a change. I needed something to bring the attention AWAY from my grown hips and protruding tummy - and I can't do the POB (Posh Bob for the male (straight) readers), so a fringe it was!

Speaking of change, we are 2 days shy from the elections. And for those in the know, NO. I won't be campaigning - but I will cast my vote- just like how ALL eligible Voters SHOULD be doing.

I wished our campaigns were like that of the US. At least we get to know our candidates better. My political wish, as a concerned first time voter, would be to enjoy a healthy discussion between our competing candidates expressing their concerns, manifestos and propaganda, preferbly at a corner mamak shop (teh halia satu!) in a debate. Well, that's not happening.
We 'read' about their non face-to-face spats in our local dailies or tv.

And how about the lack of mainstream media space for all?

Well, they don't call it alternative media for nothing - rumors at the mamak stall (teh halia satu!) say that the voters are getting smarter and choose individuals who are capable of running their constituency.

Don't worry lah friend, if you've been doing a good job all this time, no need to gentar lah...kan?

Changes, like a different haircut, might be hard to adjust, but it can bring sparked interest, a whiff of much needed confidence and a smile on a tired face.

Its just maintaining it that needs to be ironed out.

So, are you ready for a change?
Think about it.

Veto Out The Evil = VOTE!
(and change that hairstyle you've had for years man....)


  1. I have a tired face.
    Change is not an option anymore, change is a necessity.

  2. huhu.. sorry for the late wish.
    conratulations for the new born!

  3. hey daphne.. u still look hot!!
    btw juz wanna ask u, what blusher r u using coz ur cheeks always look so rosy.

    m might be the last person to say this...

    CONGRATS on ur new babygurl!!!
    she's sooo adorable

  4. I have a software that lets you put different hairstyles and makeup over a picture of yourself. Very fun to play with. Want to see or not?

  5. hi daphne.. i'm Su from yesterday's Sony Vaio event in Low Yatt. Just found your blog quite by accident and wanted to comment that your new hairstyle suits you great.. you look good yourself too! God bless

  6. hi daphne,

    i was always for change since 2004 but apparently, people's vote can still be bought for RM50/person.

    RM50 is the price of 2 'X'es come election day. that translates to RM10/year to shape a constituency's future.

    what a bummer. but i'm not discouraged. next general election, if the powers that be haven't changed a bit, then i vote for change again lah :p

    nice hairstyle btw.

    - bre!nda

  7. mmmm....i know what you mean about the love hate relationshop for your new bangs...
    in this shot, you look korean/taiwanese...
    but you're right, change is good. don't sweat so much about the hips and belly - i'm sure you look just fine...;)

  8. hey daphne..been a silent reader in ur blog for quite sometime.had to say this to you,with Shawn,u can NEVER go wrong!think u look good with this hair style!he did mentioned to me he gave u a new look when i went for MY new look two weeks ago.That's why i stick to Shawn since the year 2000.Take care!

  9. Pon, you look great in any hair style... You got what E! entertainment would say as PERFECT BONE STRUCTURE.. hahaha jan kembang pantat.. :) You got lovely forehead. I think the bangs give a different look. Good to have a change. Happy happy motherhood. I am processing my second baby. But 2 i think is enough. Penat man!!

  10. Very unique hair cut. I think it is a great change.

    Breastfeed your child. That is the healthiest source of milk 4 yr kid.

    Have a beautiful day.

  11. I have just discovered your blog and I did post a comment earlier today. May I ask you sumthing about your mug? It may be not what you will be pleased to hear.....