Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tambunan-Kota Kinabalu

It is always a good feeling to 'balik kampung'. I arrived on Friday and was so glad to be surrounded by those who truly love me - for better or for worst - insane, loud, monyok or crazy.

This is my 'baby brother' who is no longer the baby of the family ever since my little pumpkin arrived. He has grown so much - not only in physique, but in mannerism and poise. No longer the shy geek who was meekly asking for approval from us.
(meek geek?)

He walks with an air of confidence now (although still slightly bongkok) - he reminds me of Ron in HarryPotter book 6. 
Ditto the orange hair and freckles of course.

He has a new toy from daddy, so he has been firing away. And these are his pictures.

This is my grand aunt who lives at the hill above our kampung house in Tambunan. I love the way she speaks Dusun. So 'sing-song'.

Isobel Daniella with her 'aki' - my hero. Still a happy camper despite losing to the Huguan Siou. We are so very proud of him.
Isobel with the woman I inspire her to be like.
Under the torrential rain, we continued our rounds with daddy. 


  1. congrats to your dad!!!

    ok bah tuh daph!byk jgk bah undi dia tuh...more than 30% of tambunan.half of pairin's votes...

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  3. Nice pics of home Daphne! It's always good to be back!

  4. just wanted to say little isobel is a sweetheart.

  5. nice blog daphney..hope can link exchange with u blog..buli ka?

    im really proud of u coz ur never forget with ur kg especially ur house made from "poring" -)

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