Thursday, January 17, 2008

thank u meesh...

Stretch Marks

You lie beside me,
snoring lightly, nude and tan,
your breasts relaxed. My eyes are drawn
to spider webs of lacy white along
your side, across your breasts.
The delicate patterns branch and weave,
swoop down the curves
and glide across the planes and slopes
embossed and subtle decorations,
flesh on flesh
The lines entwine, and seem to spell our love,
our family, our thirty years together.

William Roetzheim.


  1. hahaha!!! Say no more, say no more! ;)

  2. Ish. I'm not married, never pregnant and yet still have a sight of it on my bum. How la?

    Me: Don't look at my bum!
    The man: Why not?
    Me: Thisssss! (pointing at it)
    The man: Too flat?


  3. Bio Oil, whatever oil in the world dont really take it all away - how sad. The doctor told me its our medal for being a mother :-)...maybe to remind us of the 9 months journey...

  4. Daphne, it's Alvin here from Infinatez. Dat day kami masuk breakfast show lg to promote our upcoming single ^_^ Btw mo kasitau yg our single bakal kluar this Feb. Also kami buat acapella version of Sayang Kinabalu. Do checkout some of the snippets at ^_^ ponsikou n aramai tii!!

  5. heya Popon...
    tell me about it. mine never went away, from my firstborn. it decreases but never can ever go back to the way it was before. sobs sobs.

    just gotta live with it. stomach it *ahaks*

    p/s isobel's so gorgeous! congrats woman... HUGZmuakks

    luvlots: audrey

  6. Hi pon..
    Probably u don't remember about me..
    I'm friend of Mayo..if u remember him lah..went out with u once long long time ago..Well just want to congrats u..Kiutnya baby ko! hehe
    Well..satu anak memang susah betul..if got 2?? wah lagi pening kepala..
    Oh ya..i'm adding ur link if u don't mind ah!

  7. Hi Daphne,

    I hope its not too late to congratulate you and your family for the arrival of cute Isobel.
    I'm a fan of yours , and also from Keningau Sabah, but live and work at Klang Valley for the momment.

    As a mother of one baby girl who turns 2 last month, I truly understand the situation you're on for this momment. But believe me, it will be a wonderfull journey, no worries okay..

    you can visit me at my blog add

  8. Xin Nien Quai Ler...

    To Mr & Mrs Ryan Chong & Princess Isobel...


  9. ahhh... I've come to terms with mine. Not easy but what the heck? Being a mom of two, I now, struggle with my 2 y 8m old toddler who's got her mind of her own...and a wonderful 9 mo baby. I carry them stretch marks like a treasured prize whenever I slip on my bikini...but at least we hv a good excuse for that eh...
    btw my sis has a 1yo son n swears by loccitane's almond oil. She has zero stretch marks.

  10. oyeeee miss your writing...update lah your blog...

  11. Doesn't stretch mark cream work? I research and found that there was no possible way of permanent removal.

  12. I just found your blog by accident, and wow!... I'm thinking "scary"... I don't mean in bad way, but in an imaginative way where I think if... too long to write.

    To make it short, it's just like thinking of a distant future I'm not ready of, described in detail. Anyway, God Bless You - It's a prayer, not just saying :)