Saturday, January 5, 2008


If you are looking for news unglossed, buy a copy of January Issue; TELL magazine!

Yours truly graces its cover. Mum looks bloated and Isobel looks scrawny, but its her first cover and we are so very proud of her!

Happy New Year everyone! Will update blog soon. Isobel has colic (again) so have not slept much.



  1. hi daphne... im ur silent reader... anyway really enjoice to know everything(naaa... not everything la) about u and ur new angel. anyway, about colic that u facing now, why not try to use "minyak telon" after bath.... u can sapu at perut, tapak kaki and also place that org tua think can masuk angin... believe me it works... dulu pun masa my 1st baby... i too aksen... ye la nak ikut stail minah salleh jaga nak. i percaya 1 brand ni "bebiku" but kalau dah takdak hemtam la mana2 brand pun. but if u really connot find it let me know maybe i can "pos" 2 u.... dont worry no charge one... anyway take care and glad u back at breakfast show...esp when u with naz... (i'm a stay home mum... thats why dapat tgk but sometime miss jugak tgk u on air) adios.

    fr penang.

  2. Happy new year Daphne,,,

    my sister fed her baby with something famously known as 'grape water' (the bottle got twins snakes label).. dont remember what is the actual name.. but it does wonders....

    Hope everything goes well in this year for u, isobel and family...

  3. I think what Jojo means is Gripe Water. Yeah.. it does work wonders.. but not when your baby decides not to down it and choke on it instead. That one experience, has left me somewhat traumatised. hahaha..

    But that's just my Allie. She chokes on everything that's not mommy's milk. As for my firstborn, he took gripe water just fine and it really really helped. But there's also colic drops that you can get from any pharmacy. But I'm sure you've got your fair share of advisors.. a.k.a. mom and mom-in-law.. :D

    Well anyways, congrats to Isobel on her first cover and Happy New Year the whole family.


  4. saw the mag in my college's bookshop.

    that precious cute little baby girl of yours is very cute =)

  5. Daphne, did u watch quickie today? ure on the 8 hottest women in Phat Fabes list. hehehe :)

  6. hi dap...

    hows ur xmas???..hope things run smoothly wit u thr and also the baby Isobel.

    will try to look for the TELL mag..

    opps..u are tagged! :)

  7. hi daphne, try gripe water, but i prefer to massage the baby.

  8. Hi Daph,

    i blv you have your mom as an advisor, cos she's a nurse, if i'm not mistaken....

    Gripe Water really helps. It works on my baby too. why not give it a try.

    Will try to look for the mag. is it available in east m'sia???

  9. U both look sooooooooo beautiful !

    Happy New Year !
    Be Blessed :)

  10. Is Tell available in Singapore? Don't think it is :P

  11. Congrats on both you and Isobel's first mag cover! Nice bah the pic! ;)

  12. we saw the mag oredy...did not buy though..Farah flip flip at the bookstore

  13. Congratulations and Happy New Year! =) For someone who just had a look good! How do you do it?!!
    Anyways, are there any links out there for past/current episodes of The Breakfast Show? I've been missing my daily dose...

  14. Daphe, I believe that you are super women, beautiful mama with sacred heart to Isobel just like Sante Maria.

  15. hi daphne..

    i'm one of ur silent reader..i'm seeking ur permission to tag ur blog..[i've done it actually :D] love reading ur blog!

  16. ur an awesome writer. my brother met u at an event for mercedes. he was the malay magician, haha.