Thursday, January 17, 2008

hush little baby...don't say a word...

It is 5:51pm. Just bathed the little princess and since it was still too early for her nen-nen, I lulled her to sleep by doing (cheating) sit-ups till she finally fell asleep. I have about 45 minutes to an hour max before she starts wailing for her milk. So since its too near dinnertime for a quick nap, best I bring out my Sony Vaio to blog an update of what's been happening in our life.

My father, being the (quite often) lovable, long-winded chap that he is, fails to understand that SMS means Short-Messaging-System.
Nevertheless, a few days ago, I received an endearing sms from daddy dearest enquiring about his 'kakie' (in our KadazanDusun culture, we call our grandpa/granddaughter 'kakie' or 'aki' for short).

His LongMS:

Hi Ryan, Pon & Isobel. Can't help thinking of u guys; especially d little one in d family. Does she WAIL BIG now or just little cries n grunts when she needs her nen2 & in times of discomfort?Dem2 is helping @Tbn. Cc; mum, girl, Bboy.

(* its an Iking thing to cc the whole family)

I was staring and sniffing at Isobel's strawberry coloured (birth)mark on her head; trying in vain to figure out if it was a mosquito bite or a knock in the head when I received his message.

I smiled and reflected on his question.

Looking at her whimpering ( She must have felt discomfort on my continuous probing of her mark), I knew that I was blessed cause (touch wood), so far, Isobel only cries when she needs to be fed, changed, burped or when she feels lonely. And she cries. She hardly wails.

One thing I CANNOT stand is a wailing baby. I told myself while I was pregnant with her, if she starts wailing like a baby (pardon the pun), I will smack her (softly) and (sit her down) on ground rules on crying. My friends told me I was being silly. I said I was setting a benchmark.

I was joking of course.

But yes.I am lucky cause she doesn't have one of those irritating wails that makes you want to slap her. She has one of the cutest, heart-melting cries with her mouth upturned making me feel all gooey and soft.

Bug-ger. ...Clever to ambik hati mummy.

Oh. Except this time...

Isobel Daniella Iking-Chong; 2 weeks old

And this time:

Isobel Daniella Iking-Chong; 7 weeks old

Hasn't she grown? She weighs about 5kgs now. Sucks like leech this girl...

Anyway, being my father's daughter, I sent him an (equally) jiwang LongMS to him:
(which was also sent to the other Ikings)

She has a heart melting wail that makes our initial irritation turn to kesian- if she was a politician campaigning for sympathy votes, she'll have ours. Her mittens have a 'stinky but still want to smell' bau. I suspect its cause she, like her mom, likes sucking on her fingers while farting. Again, like her mother, her gas smells just as bad as her mittens, only we can do without the embarrassing stench.I've blamed gucci, the dog, for her untimely passing of wind when visitors come and visit, numerous times. People have told me that she resembles her daddy and has mummy's lips - but in rare mother and baby moments when she smiles at me, I see your mother's eyes dad. Fiery but soulful, just like her character. She's definitely, my girl. Cc: Ikings

How to get angry when she coos and grunts with a smile like this?

Or when she stares at me with those big,dark grey-brown eyes?

Its weird how she can be so ugly at times, and so adorably sweet too.

Ah....the whimpering has started.

Susu time!


  1. Hi Daphne,

    Your princess is just one gorgeous little angel!

    And hey, you look very much like my friend Juliana. We used to go to SFC KK too. Check out her profile on friendster:

    Happy new year!
    Much love from KK,


  2. hey ladies!

    she is a bitter sweet creature of God.

    Juliana eh? Will check out her profile...


  3. isobel is sooo cute...comel betul pipi dia tu...

  4. Babe...
    her lips tak tahan laaa...
    So super pouty.. watch out angie haha!
    Catcha gals later ey!

  5. she's so cute!

  6. Wow.. how time passes by without realising it.. It seemed just like yesterday when Isobel's mommy was sporting the baby bump..

    Now this "baby bump" has turned out to be so cute and beautiful. Her cheecks tu bah.. bikin geram!! :D


  7. Hello daphne & isobel

    I think isobel is really cute. I'ld like to be bloggy friends since I just started. You can take a look at my blog on
    Love Jimi.

  8. Your baby is so cute and her pipi so chubby like Shin Chan!

  9. Your LMS is even longer than your dad's. Hahaha....

    Lucky you, no wailing! Or maybe, not yet? Hopefully not la eh?

    Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  10. weh.. besarnya mulut bila dia nangis!

    good one, daphne.. keep the babies coming :)