Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a week to xmas!

Tis the season to be jolly...Fa la la la la...la la la la....

Yes. Most of the decorations are up, and spring cleaning has started. Finally, I am feeling the spirit of Christmas in the air, and boy does it feel good!

The only bummer to this year's Xmas is that I am still in my confinement, so I am not allowed to go out to do Christmas shopping!

Lucky for me, my mother in law has loosened up, so even though I am just a week shy from 'freedom', I am given the 'get out of jail' card for 2-3 hours today onwards to 'prepare' my first Christmas as a wife and mother.

Now, my only problem is shopping for gifts for TWO families on a very restricted time allowance.

I smsed my family.

Please make our shopping life easier, What do you want for Xmas. And please be realistic (*meant for my brother mozes) I can't afford an Aston Martin for you :-) and don't say - 'no need lah' or 'anything will do'

With the exception of my brother Mozes Jr, the rest replied 'no needlah' or 'anything will do' .
How frustrating.

My Christmas wish this year is for someone to get me a gadget that can offer me ideas on gifts that are truly meaningful for that someone.

I know for now, that is highly unlikely and almost unrealistic - so, can you suggest some ideas on how you shop wisely for a meaningful gift with very limited time?


  1. Try baking (since you need to fulfill quota of time@home keke) or a digital photo frame loaded with pics of your family or gifts that they will find functional to their daily routine (ie. jewellery for Mom, magazine/spa subscription package for Sis, jersey for Bro ..you get my drift). Most of all, have fun...it's always the thought that counts and the process along the shopping and the giving/receiving bit!

  2. I want nice food for christmas

  3. before deciding on gifts, i usually google up websites for gift ideas. so u can basically get a rough idea what item would best suit each member of ur family. the next part is just to try to narrow down which are the possible shops which have the items.

    hope that helps!

  4. I still think picking up bits and pieces of daily conversation will help a lot. Anything you came across while talking to your family?

  5. My solution: online shopping. Royal Selangor. Amazon. ;-)

  6. :-) why dont u throw the option back to them... give them gift vouchers and ask them to get whatever they want with it (with a limit though)...

    Else a DIY kind of gift is always an option... like cooking as mention by the others.. (p.s.. u sure can cook kah??)