Thursday, December 13, 2007

We love Breasts!

You know. Its not the child birth that hurts most. Not even the postpartum blues of seeing a non-familiar body staring back at you in the mirror (at least when you weighed 15kilos extra during pregnancy, you have another being to blame your sudden weight gain)!


Why didn't someone tell me that breastfeeding was going to be THIS painful?

As I am typing this, I have my Mendela Electric Breast pump humming away while I grit my teeth in patience. Somehow, I have found a position where I can place the breastshield strategically on my breast (naturally) and the pump is stationed leaning on this desk. My crossed legs, is the foundation of its support or stand.

Yes ladies & gentlemen, I am opting another way of breastfeeding my little princess my breast milk. Perhaps not the conventional way of using my mammary glands, but breast milk all the same. So since I failed milking a cow during elementary school, I have opted (once again) an easier method of using this electric pump to get the juices going.

I have been on this bloody machine for at least 15 minutes, and do you know just how much milk I have gathered for her midnight feed? Barely 10ml. Its pathetic. No wonder she's on my tits all day long making them sore to the core! (Hey! That rhymes!)

Bah Humbug.

Time to switch tits. Couldn't get the duo breast pump.

F**K. This hurts. Almost as painful as Arsenal losing to M'brough.

Not sure if I can keep to my one month breastfeeding. I see Mr Formula Milk smiling from afar with gleeful eyes.

You seducer.

I think I'm seduced. Or just in so much pain from this damn machine.


  1. first time, n during 2 mnggu pertama, memang akan sakit, even smpai luka i kena. but then later, bila baby dah pandai n dpt posisi y betul, everything should be ok.

    take care, don't be so stress!!

  2. I went through this too. I was mega stressed. No milk. Too many people. Baby crying. Too much advise from everywhere. Baby stopped drinking for a day. Dr said to give formula from cup. I agreed. I cried everyday. After a month, I was still crying. Then I gradually snapped out of it and realised, shit, I really want this baby breastfed! So I had to work really hard backwards from 80% formula 20% breastmilk, to 100% breastmilk. It took 4 painful months to work that. I wish I'd just stuck to breastfeeding. I wish I was given the right information. It takes time for your milk to come in (some people up to 2 weeks but keep at it and eventually you'll get there, if you want to); you need rest and you need to eat well. And no stress. Otherwise, no milk. Good luck. If desperate, call Christine Choong immediately. She's a pro like no other lactation specialist at the hospitals.

  3. Hi Daphne,

    What you're going through is like a reminiscence of me when I had my daughter 3 years ago. First time mother and don't know what to expect. I can still remember the pain was excruciating!!! Here in UK, the nurse/midwives are really persevere to 1st time mothers to breastfeed their babies. Of course they know that breast is the best! It was hard for me that i almost gave up and again nobody told me (even my mom!) that it is painful. They said that if it is painful, this means that position is wrong. Ensure that the nipple is within the baby's palate and not it's gum. Which is why is painful and the mother does not have enough milk because you're in pain and the baby is not having enough milk. Which is why the baby always cry due to hunger/thirst. So everybody are not happy. Mommy and baby have to work this breastfeeding together. Breastfeeding is a skill and once you master it you could breastfeed while you eating , drinking and writting etc. Trust me! You as a mother is the one who is in control so make sure the position is correct. I'm sure your mom as she's a nurse will be able to help you. As you are not producing enough milk by using breast pump, the advice I got before was to have a picture of your baby (while still pumping)to increase the milk production. You know how it works right? (between the brain, breast glands and hormone). Also, massage your breast (from the base to the aureola) it helps the release of the milk. I'm just giving you the advice. At the end of the day, it's your decision of what's best for you and your baby. I know the formula milk is a seducer. Big time! From what I experience, I fully breastfed my daughter for about 14 months and never on formula milk. Well, I didn't have any choice because she didn't like the formula milk and she didn't even like breastmilk from the bottle. She was hooked on the natural nipple! (For crying out loud!)It was hard work but worth it. She only had 1 mild flu & never had a fever for 1 year. That's how amazing breastmilk does to your baby. Her body weight and height is perfectly normal (not over or under weight). To avoid the baby blues, it's important to have your family and close friends around you to help you. Also, it's important to have time for yourself only. You need that. It gets better as days, weeks and months go by and you realised that a year (Isobel 1st B'day) has paased and the time is flying by so quickly. So enjoy the moment with your daughter. You'll be fine and I'm sure you'll enjoy being with your daughter. Patience :)

  4. The first time I breastfed my first born, I was so bad at it, that my breasts got engorged so bad, I fell sick and had a fever.

    This time, I know better and the trick is just to make your baby suckle as frequently as possible to make the flow of the milk smoother. Hurts like hell, but it works.. I grit my teeth, curl my toes and just bear with it... the pain lessens and eventually goes within a week. Hot packs help too..

    I have to agree with you.. people create such a hoo-haa about the pain of giving birth but not one single person mentioned to me about the pain of breastfeeding. Sheeshh..

    Anyways, I hope you'll be able to resist temptation from Mr. Formula Milk.. :D Take care..

  5. Having said all the above, that's the beauty of motherhood. Enjoy your princess while you can :). Children are the best gift from above.

  6. I was anal about breastfeeding, even before the baby was born..but my expectations were dampened and i almost gave up the idea when i discovered that breastfeeding was more difficult than i thought it would be...

    my milk did not come in until the 2nd day after giving birth, and those first few days, it was agonizing to breastfeed as u can feel ur insides (down there), being squeezed (although that's supposed to be good--'pengecutan rahim')- the pain felt somewhat like 'senggugut' but ten times, I'd had a c-sect so the pain' was just horrible!!

    but i presevered...and despite feeling like a cow, i somehow felt more of a woman..and am proud to say i'm still breastfeeding my little girl at 18 months now...

    of course, it's a matter of choice, whether u want to or not, for how long etc. but in my case, i chose to do it..and i plan to keep at it 'till she's at least 2yrs old...

    i've really enjoyed breastfeeding, although the journey hasn't been easy, even until now...

    this site helped me out a lot:

    take care, daphne! :-)

  7. breastmilk is best. dont succumb to formula milk. the more she suckle on you, the more milk will be produced. warm packs will help to alleviate the pain. breast pumps can be painful, so you can try expressing the breast milk manually. hope you will will overcome this trying period.

  8. why dont u try this petua orang2 tua. It did work for me first time.
    try to sisir/sikat/comb your back from shoulder back down...

    good luck

  9. Try the new Medela pump. Appa namaaaa ahhhh??? Oh! The swing breast pump. Very the quiet one! Thee hee hee. And not as painful.

    Otherwise, go get S26 from Wyeth!

    Good luck!

  10. hi daphne, my first time breastfed my lil' one a yr ago, it wasss....argh!!!!! sakit woooo!!!!
    i used medela electric pump last time, but since it doesn't work to me (it's more painful) i ask my hubby buy medela manual breast pump. this manual breast pump, i can monitor it manually,it's quite comfortable.

  11. hi daphne... just a suggestion,

    why don't you use avent breastpump. I can't use medela or other brand as it 's hurt me.. avent kinda of gentle as we can control it.FYI, BM is the best and try not to opt to formula milk.drink more water or soup to get more milk.


  12. Hi! Daphne....I'm one of your reader and a mummy too...
    I breastfeed my son almost 1 1/2 year now and fully breastfeed although I'm working.
    I'm start using Avent pump from beginning until now. No pain at all. Try to be more relax and i'm sure that you will be okay.

  13. Hi Daphne,
    I am expecting my 3rd child soon in April. The previous 2 girls are breasfed. if it helps, try Avent manual breast pump. no pain at all. to avoid nipple that your Isobel could go back and forth between breast and bottle..try First Years BreastFlow bottle. It is designed to mimick the breast. check it out here
    Good Luck!.

  14. detsiwt playgrd keeper :December 25, 2007 at 5:48 PM

    hey beautiful..

    breast feeding hurts? okay thats something new to me. too much of something IS bad uh?

    owh well... have fun mummying.

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