Sunday, December 16, 2007

Looking back at the past

I was going through some old pictures and got reacquainted with friends I knew back then. I feel a sudden rush of nostalgia thinking back of the good times that we had.

How sad that we've grown apart after loving each other so affectionately.

Why do relationships turn awry?


  1. Because people change.

    Not the attitude though, I believe its the mindset and thinking which alters a person's behavior.

  2. Well..sometimes people just change, the new people they meet along the way..perhaps their new found lifestyle change them without them realizing it. Most important is, for us to remember who we were before we became what we are today..sometimes, we always take friendships for granted. Life will feel empty without friends :-)


  3. Because people grow (old/apart) and sometimes their lives include you and sometimes it doesn’t. People move on, life goes on and sometimes some bag(ages) needs to be discarded and some be brought along in this journey. It is not selfish neither personal, just another way we human “survive” and evolve.

    ~ Cherzleen.

  4. I met up with a friend which I haven't seen for the more than ten years just recently. We were mere kids at the time. Physically apart, the bond is quite strong once reunited. That feeling is SO wonderfully great! And yes, I agree with cherzleen "sometimes their lives include you and sometimes it doesn't". Then I think, we have a choice here: to include the people we care.

  5. Hey pon!
    Wah you're up & out shopping already heehee! Good for ya!
    I love the topic on friendship.
    I still cannot grasps the real meaning of friendship from others. I reckoned tat it's always just using the others vice versa. Well everthing is a trade off I don't mind being used (subtlety) but to get abused tats too much la. You tot they loved you as much you do but I've realized it's not the length of time knowing each other it's the real sincerity tat comes out from each other (even if you only meet once!)
    Just my 2 cents worth!
    *juicy hugs for you & babyisobel*