Thursday, December 20, 2007

An article I didn't hand in

When I was asked to contribute an article for a particular publication, I was more than happy and as cliché as it sounds, rather honored to be given the opportunity. That was till I stared for days at a blank screen in front of me, not knowing what to write about. Of late, I have been talking about my pregnancy and my pending motherhood in my blog, something I could relate to personally. But the editor decided to test my (amateur) writing skills by asking me to write about something other than my embarrassing constipation problems and my curiosity with breast pads.

So for days, I have been postponing the completion of this article, waiting for an idea to spark, a splurge of creative words to run magically through my fingers – something that was outrageously witty and smart- an article that will (highly) impress others. Unfortunately for me, I had a deadline to meet, so I have decided to write whatever comes into my mind. (Read on. It shouldn’t be too bad).

So what can I write about?

I could opt for an easy way by writing tabloid thrash of our local entertainment scene, but I think we have a handful of magazines and forums already doing that, not forgetting those who use pathetic anon names to bitch about our local celebs – I say, at least bitch in style. Or choose anon names that are more intelligently skewed. Oh. I forgot. It’s cheap tabloid thrash. So I guess the story about a brewing catfight between two beautiful artists will not be revealed here.

I have always been highly impressed by articles found on the independent online media or on highly visited blogs. So how about impressing you with an article of highly intelligent “electioneering rhetoric”? Why not talk about the (ongoing) fight for freedom of speech and rallies of yellow or red, or perhaps I should write about the predictable manner (or lack of it) on the debates held in our parliament hmm?

Conforming to playing safe, being in the (mainstream) media myself – I’d like to think I won’t be dulled or jaded when it comes to relaying the Talk of the Town during the first segment of the morning show that I host. So, I read out loud the article reported by our local dailies and then (tiptoe) debate with my co-host or the viewers that call in. Not like there is much to tip-toe around anyway, since we’ve got (ahem) limited or rather, selective articles deemed newsworthy for our rakyat.

So, that’s just it. Shamefully, I’m just tip-toeing. I still need a job after all, don’t I? So since satirizing our political scene or taking a jab at our local trashy news is a no-no, this leaves me with little choice, but to write on something in between these two extremes. And what will that be?

Some say being in between is being an average Jane. Mediocre. My father always told me that being mediocre was failing to fail. Either way, it was not good. Writing something ‘in between’ is something I am not used to. Unless of course, it has to do with something close at heart, and that would be motherhood. A catch-22. Sorry. I promise a better article next time. If given that chance.


  1. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year 2008!

  2. What's the demographic of the magazine, why cannot write about motherhood? I think people would want to know how you felt like when you gave birth. A point by point account. An emotionally heart felt article. That would sell mags of the shelf.

    People voyueristic, thats why they read celebrity blogs.

  3. did you know Nathan got married? Read my blog to see pics...