Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are You on FB?

If you know what FB is, then you would have a profile or have been invited to join Facebook.

Many articles have been written on the tsunami wave craze over FB, so I shan't go into the craze and popularity of this cyber social connector - but I DO want to write about this:-

1. I do understand that "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you", but I find it very 'difficult' to 'confirm' some 'Friend's Request' of people you don't know. Tricky. Its almost rude if you 'ignore' their requests. sigh...

2. I can understand putting up your profile picture of you and the love of your life (I am guilty of that), but to put a group picture? The profile picture is already so tiny, if you are going to be requesting to be friends with someone (especially strangers), it would be nice for the receiver to know who they are 'adding'. Afterall, cyber world is just as dangerous as this real world we live in -- at least I was told that. So preferably, a nice clean shot of yourself would be appreciated.

3. Speaking of pictures, I must admit I find some profile pictures rather amusing. There are some who offer certain body parts as their profile picture, or worst still, using International celebrity pictures as their profile. Never knew Angelina Jolie has a twin called Siti Khadijah. Or Johari.
And how about those fancy shots of the back of the head/hand/feet?

I'm sorry. But for those strangers who have requested me as their friends, but only offer me pictures of their nose, I'm afraid I can't add you in my friend's list, due to security reasons. Call me paranoid, but if you are not comfortable showing a full frontal picture of yourself, you must be hiding something, no?

4. And what's with beautiful names that have to be 'glamorized'? I really think Khairul is a beautiful name. Why spell it Khay-rule? Its just like Kay-Ell (as in KL = Kuala Lumpur), Kay-Kay (its KK lah urang urang Sabah)... I just feel its odd.

oh no. baby crying.

If she EVER starts glamorizing her name to Eez-O-Belle, I will deduct her allowance.
I mean it.


  1. Merry Xmas Daphne. You have cute daughter!

  2. dap, congrats for your newborn. still rock mama ya! merry xmas and happy new year to you

  3. Dear Ms Daphne...

    I admit i enjoy reading wat u write and salute you for being who you are and NOT giving a damn of wat others think or say.

    Thank you for being an inspiration :)

    Be Blessed! Merry X'mas & happy New Year to The Chong-Iking Family :)

  4. Hye Hottie Mommy,

    I'm on FB as well as blogging. I do add you in Fb and tag ur blog in mine.
    Really enjoy reading ur blog and ur daughter look gorgeous.

    Ok kah??

    You take care, ok.. Muahhh for Isobel..

  5. haha i am actually laughing at this one.

    kelakar ok

  6. Hahahaha...you're so funny lah Daphne...Facebook huh...I have it too but I rather blogging than facebook'ing'....

  7. hahah this article is right on Daphne!

  8. Bloghopped from somewhere. My eyes caught ISOBEL, and... eh? I thot I read that name in a magazine somewhere .. oh yeah, the 'feel-free-to-read' magazines on your lap while they mess with your hair and nails. hehe. And then I remembered, wah lau! Could it be really you? Burst oredi? In that article you were still a bounty but still very pretty.

    To cut the long story short - here for the first time, and already enjoying it!

    Will be back for more ..

  9. apa, must show full frontal nude photo first is it?

  10. Hi Pon,

    Same 'ere. Have added you as a friend via FB..Its ok, maybe there are so many people requesting you to be their friends in FB, nevertheless, you are free to choose who you wanna add and don't :-) There is no hard or fast rule girl.

    I agree that at some level, you just want to be wary of who your 'friends' are hehehe...

    So, if you wanna add me up,more than welcome to do so :-D But if not, it is alright too...

    Btw, Have a Vary Happy Xmas to you & family (both in KL & KK)!

    In Christ,

  11. So can I add you on FB now then? :)

    I never put any of the pictures mentioned above (kaki, tangan, belakang kepala, lutut, hidung or Angelina Jolie) - truly my FACE 110%, as in how I look now. Maybe cuter & photoshop-ed a bit.

    FB can get you cyber drunk. I'm serious. I'll send you cyber milk for little Isobel.

  12. gosh daphne. this one is hilarious.

    yeah, i agree. kinda annoying when they westernized their name and all. and the kay-ell is just getting on my nerves.

    haha. isobel so cute.

    merry christmas!

  13. first timer ere..lawak aa...:)