Monday, December 10, 2007

another gloomy monday

I watched The Sound Of Music yesterday and was humming away to that song "my favourite things" much to Isobel's delight. With weather as crummy as today (and knowing that Arsenal lost last night), here is a wish list I crave for this Gloomy Monday morning.

1. I am dying for a hot chocolate caramel drink with whipped cream on top.
2. JCo donuts. Glazed donuts. Peanut butter donuts. Actually, ANY donut would be lovely right now.
3. A good Looooooooooooooong massage
4. A mani and pedicure. My nails look so pathetic
5. A good hair wash.
6. To be able to fit into my size 24 jeans (Hey!Its a wish list. Doesn't need to be realistic!)

Isobel crying. Sigh. I wish.....


  1. hi daphne! i'm a fan of yours and also a mommy..found out about ur blog thru the article they did on u in Parenthood's November issue...congrats on ur new bundle of joy! she's beautiful :-)

  2. anyway..not to late right....
    its a baby gurl...
    big fan of u.....

  3. Hi Daphne! Glad to find your blog.

    I love The Sound of Music too, the classic musical film we can never forget. :)

    Your child is named Isobel? That’s a very special name and he is adorable. Wish you will return back to the Breakfast Show soon. :)

    And babies do cry, be patient...

  4. Awww.. my sis who's also in confinement has been wanting to eat donuts too! hang in there! ndak lama lagi tu...

  5. hey, sorry i didn't read your blog recently. wasn't the Sound of Music on Star Movies? didn't realise you updated so quickly!

    re: Arsenal - hey, they're still top of the table, missing key players is probably why they lost (i didn't watch the game)

    as for Motherhood, i can understand your situation not being ready. maybe you can talk with your mum or other mums about it?

    remember your saying: paths without obstacles don't lead anywhere...

  6. how u think Kate Moss does it??