Sunday, November 25, 2007

typing with one hand sucks

hello everyone!

just to let you all know that I have "checked into" my sterilized "hotel room" and although I am supposed to be resting prior to my operation, I am on my Sony Vaio blogging!

after a hearty Japanese brunch (its my FIL's birthday lunch) followed by a hearty (rushed) briyani dinner - we managed to get into the hospital slightly late.

only managed to prop my family picture and bible near me before the barge of questions and inspections started. That was 2 hours ago. Now, after brushing my teeth, I stare at this room that will be my shelter for the next 3 days or so. My lilac mats are on the floor, the peppermint aromatherapy is burning beautifully, (so I can't smell the hospital smell) my baju has been hung in the closet, books and magazines placed strategically nearby -- its just this damn IV thing on my left hand that hurts me so. I am typing with one hand only-- so irritating. I have a new found respect for Mr Leftie now.

Oh no. Hubby back. I should switch the lappytoppy off now.

till he/she arrives!

Pray for us please. I love my mother even more now.


  1. So excited for you! Will pray for u (and yours) safe delivery. You'll be just fine Daphne! all the best...make sure to post pictures of your long awaited baby Isobel k.

    All the best!

  2. Hi there, I'm ashlee. Stumbled upon your blog by chance, but have enjoyed your frankness with your writing. Will pray for you and your baby Isobel. You'll be alright :)
    God bless you.

  3. congratulations on your new arrival.

  4. big congrats to you and your family =)

  5. congratulations on your new arrival.

  6. Congratulations on the arrival of baby Isobel. Rest and eat well.

  7. i have been reading your blog most of time waiting for you to blog again.and as you post new updates about you and your sweet lil baby, i got to admit i'm a lil excited for you as well. i just wanna say congratulations and you will be one great mummy-to-be. rest well,and a lil pic won't harm kan? just joking,its entirely up to you. =) take care

  8. our prayers are with you kiddo.Buzz us when h/she arrives will ya.

    Ed and Farah.

  9. Hi Daphne, still remember me? We met when you came over to Sandakan for the Explorace shooting few years back. I've been reading your blog through my daughter's blog (yes you are in her bloggers' list).

    It's natural for you to feel takut at this stage but trust in the Lord and He will be with and Isobel will be alright.

    You both will be in my prayers too... your daughter has a lovely name..and I'm sure she'll be as lovely as her mum with her dad's good qualities too.

    God Bless and take care...

    Aunty Catherin

  10. Dun worry, u'll be fine..

    you have our prayers :)

    God bless and take care

  11. good luck daphne!! I'll pray for the safety for both of us, mother and child =)

  12. kudos on the new bundle of joy, may she/he brings only happYness and blessing to the people around her/him...

  13. Amen to your safe delivery Daphne & Mr Chong. hehe

  14. Wooo congrats...You are officially on the hot mama list now. Totally.

    Aiks...didn't know you are from USM.